Online Election Reporting with Sophora

Who governs next? Whether European elections or national elections-- in times of elections current and ongoing online news are in particular demand. CMS Sophora supports TV providers with multimedia election reporting.

With Sophora editors can compile and individually extend videos, audios, and new content quickly by Drag & Drop. Linking editorial content and current tables, such as statistics and results, works out fast and reliably. Thanks to a robust and standards-compliant architecture with self-sufficient playout server Sophora manages even the highest page views.

Especially news pages of public media are highly requested during elections: For Bundestag elections of 2013, 23 percent of all voters informed themselves online about the forthcoming elections. Among all ages between 18 and 29 years, 59 percent used television and online services equally as source of information (Source: Media Perspektiven).

Sophora CMS unterstützt bei der Bundestagswahl

Benefits of Working with Sophora

Editors are able to compile multimedia content by modularity with Sophora. Combine videos about election programs, live reporting, image galleries and infographics easily via Drag & Drop!

Benefits of Sophora at a Glance:

  • Creating new documents is quick and easily achievable with Sophora.
  • Content can be combined comfortably per Drag & Drop.
  • Sophora integrates current data, videos, images, reports, results and tables.
  • Editors can integrate video and audio data as well as live streams into the website.
  • An own document type allows creating live ticker entries.
  • Sophora is suitable for mobile usage.

Sophora Highlights

Dynamic Tables

The table integrated within Sophora displays data, such as election results in a dynamic way and therefore responds quick and flexibly to changes. Sophora saves and structures the tabular data and thereby facilitates the evaluation. Since the tables are importable and capable of updating, also content from external sources can be integrated without any problems.

Live Ticker

Sophora brings a new document type for live tickers which favours an individual creation and editing of ticker entries. The individual entries are listed among themselves in tabular form and can be edited at any time. That’s why reporting during elections occurs without a delay. More

Image Galleries

Editors can not only integrate infographics and image elements into existing documents comfortably per Drag & Drop, but also image galleries.

Integrated Video and Audio Data

With Sophora editors are able to complete the online election reporting with videos on demand, live streams and audio data. Those are integrated in the existing article, so that users can directly request the data without searching through the online media center.


User Generated Content

Our add-on „User Generated Content“ enables the integration of comments and valuation functions within Sophora. When using the add-on, visitors of the website can comment on reporting of elections and results. Furthermore, the conducting of votes, for instance surveys on topics that are relevant for elections, is possible. More

Social Media Connector

The add-on of Sophora „Social Media Connector“ provides social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter with content from Sophora. Links to the website are set automatically. A benefit: editors can reuse existing content when needed. Content is made from one hand and without additional work. More 

Online-Wahlberichterstattung mit Sophora CMS

Clients & Projects

Editors from Tagesschau report with Sophora around the clock about political elections at their website During the Bundestag election in 2013 all interested parties could follow the current results live. Even before the beginning of the election, the website delivered relevant information and survey results about the election. After election infographics gave disclosure about the final results and the turnout of the constituencies and federal states. Also, results of the first and second votes of the federal returning officer in different constituencies were shown at the website of The chronicle of Tagesschau gives further information: comparisons and analyses of past elections dated back to the year 1946. More

Website berichtet mit Sophora CMS

Norddeutscher Rundfunk

The NDR reports cross-media about Hamburg’s elections to the city-state parliament on its website with the support of Sophora. Additional links to the online media center supplies further background information. News with preliminary election results and a live ticker at election night are being reported in real time speed by NDR. More

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