Mobile Solutions with Sophora CMS

Forget additional expenditure: Sophora provides apps with contents and optimizes the mobile use with responsive design.

Mobile Use Becomes More Important

79 percent (2014) of the over 14-year-olds use the internet in Germany. This means more than 55,6 million Germans are online. Prospectively, the trend of mobile use is going to continue. Users prefer the internet usage via laptop (69 percent) and smartphone (60 percent) compared to the usage of computers (59 percent). Currently, 50 percent of page impressions are called up while on the road. In 2012 the number of mobile calls only amounted to 23 percent. The rise of mobile use via tablet (28 percent) and smartphone lead to an increased growth of online use with reference to duration and frequency. Users of mobile devices are online on 6,3 days and 195 minutes on average. Users without mobile access are only online on 5,1 days with an average of 108 minutes (Source: ARD/ZDF Online Study 2014).

Customized Content for All Devices without Additional Expenditure

Since internet use is growing, the waiving of mobile solutions is inconceivable. Responsive websites, which are optimized for a variety of mobile devices, belong to the today’s standard requirements of web-page design. Also apps became an important medium, which have a positive impact on mobile use and reduce the bounce rate on pages. Sophora enables editors to insert already existing content into an app without additional expenditure. A JSON interface provides the application with Sophora contents.

Sophora Highlights & Benefits

Create a mobile-friendly site and provide apps with contents from Sophora. All benefits and characteristics for implementing mobile solutions with Sophora you will find here:

JSON Interface

  • Neither an external system is required nor additional costs incur. Editorial departments can reuse existing Sophora contents.
  • The JSON interface provides apps with contents from Sophora.
  • Supplying new devices is readily possible.

Reduced Amount of Work

  • No external editorial departments are required for apps. All contents are created, edited and published with Sophora. Thus, Sophora reduces expenditure of work and time many times over.
  • Required data is obtained from the search engine Apache Solr, which is integrated in Sophora.
  • Using the same URL reduces costs of maintenance.
  • Updates and upgrades occur on all system simultaneously.
DasErste Mediathek App - publiziert mit dem Sophora CMS von subshell

Responsive Design

  • Using responsive design optimizes the depiction of the website on smartphones and tablets.
  • The desktop and the mobile playout of the website use the same URL and thus, search engine optimization will be enhanced.

Multi-Channel Preview

  • As editors create documents for mobile devices with Sophora in only one editorial system, different display sizes are listed in the preview. Editors can see the app’s depiction on smartphones directly in Sophora’s preview.

Sophora’s Editor

  • As an application for desktops Sophora’s editor enables working faster than conventional web-based applications. There is no editing directly in the website.
  • The loss of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) supports the separation of content and layout when editing documents.
  • Since layout and formatting are already fixed in advance, editors can focus on content when creating new documents.

Long-Standing Experiences

  • subshell has many years of experiences in implementing mobile solutions and in operating with responsive websites.
Multichannel-Preview mit Sophora CMS

Sophora Clients & Projects

Tagesschau App

“This is the First German Television with the Tagesschau” – Germany’s oldest and most successful news broadcast is now available as an app! Over 36 million visitors on (as of July 2015) can retrieve news via tagesschau app -  and for free (source: ARD). The app does not provide additional contents, but using the app is very user-friendly. News are accessible immediately without many clicks. As soon as breaking news appear, users will be informed about them by a push message.

As an interactive application tagesschau app provides videos, images and reports, which can be evaluated and commented by users. App users can follow the information channel tagesschau24 during the day via video stream or news broadcast live.

subshell not only ensures comfort for users – also editorial work will be simplified. Tagesschau app was downloaded 4,8 million times (as of November 2012) and continued to hold the position in leaderboard for weeks. With Sophora contents of the app can be published without any additional expenditure.

Supported devices:

  • Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
  • Android smartphones & tablets
  • Windows 8 Tablet

Visit app.

Tagesschau App - publiziert mit CMS Sophora
Das Erste App - publiziert mit CMS Sophora

Das Erste App

Videos, live streams, program information and television recommendations are retrievable on mobile devices at any time. In addition, live streams provide a rewind function up to 30 minutes. The online library of the app offers talks, reports, movies and series for free. Videos are transmitted from Sophora via JSON interface. Editors of Das Erste manage videos, images and television recommendations via Sophora for the app and provide these live and staggered.

Supported devices:

  • Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
  • Google Android smartphones & tablets
  • Amazon incl. Amazon Fire Stick
  • Blackberry
  • Windows 8 Tablet

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Be informed by mobile use: After a successful relaunch with Sophora, Hessenschau presents the website of the same name as the news broadcast in responsive design. The website meets all requirements of mobile use and is user-friendly as well. Visitors can be curious about current news from Hesse. The broadcasting company Hessischer Rundfunk focus on the following topics: politics, society, economy, culture, sports, panorama and leisure time. More

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CMS Sophora im Einsatz bei
CMS Sophora im Einsatz für


After a successful relaunch for the German children’s channel, the website comes along in a new and modern design and offers an appropriate and modern platform for children since the relaunch in November 2014. In addition to the needs of children and adolescents media usage has taken into account for the implementation process. Increased page impressions via smartphones and tablets have led to optimize the webpage for all mobile devices. Sophora as the content management system of ensures not only the responsive design of the website, but also a cross-media functionality between television and web content. The children’s channel, a cooperative project by ARD and ZDF, informs its visitors about several programs and provides videos on demand. Also games and ideas for arts and crafts are available on More

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Inform yourself here about further Sophora projects and clients.