Sophora for Sports Desks

Sophora’s dynamic multimedia websites are individually combinable, cross-media and therefore perfect for sports editorial staff.

Sports Results in Record Time

Whether it´s results of Bundesliga goals, medals tables or Formula 1 best times: people interested in sports are looking for current news and the latest results. Sports editors need to update all data continuously and need a content management system which works for them fast and uncomplicated.

With Sophora editorial departments are able to publish new content and results fast. Sophora´s CMS supports you with the creation of dynamic multimedia websites, which can be compiled individually and works cross-media as well. With the integration of live ticker and live streams, Sophora makes an immediate publishing of all current data possible.

This way users will not miss any goal and get real time sports results, naturally with responsive design and therefore retrievable on all devices. opt for CMS Sophora

Target Audience

Sophora is perfectly suitable for online editorial departments of sports in the following sectors:

  • Television.
  • Newspaper.
  • Radio.
  • Sports club.
  • Sports website.


  • Current sports data, videos, images, reports, results, tables.
  • Live ticker.
  • Live stream (video & audio).
  • Videos on demand (availability of a media library).
  • Suitable for mobile use.
  • Extensive image galleries.
  • Background information.
Content Management System
  • Fail-safe and reliable.
  • Responsive design.
  • HbbTV.
  • Playout for multichannel.
  • Editorial linkage possibilities.
  • Fast and easily usable system.
  • Fast response time when updating.
  • Cross-media opportunities for use.
Sports results of Tour de France - published with CMS Sophora

Sophora Highlights and Benefits

Several years of experience in dealing with sports data, especially in major sports events, have optimized and adapted Sophora to new challenges in this field.

Document Types for Sports Data

Sophora offers online sports desks new document types, which are specialized in generating sports data.  

  • Sports Event: For depicting a sports event.
  • Competition: In order to create a single sports contest of a sports event.
  • Result Round: For presenting results of individual sports contests and /or rounds.
  • Encounter: In order to display matches between teams and athletes as well as the belonging sports results to the encounters.
  • Medals table: For picturing medals tables and also ranking and results lists for sports events.
  • Athlete’s portrait: Document for creating information about athletes.
  • Live ticker: For publishing ticker entries and results of individual competitions and rounds.
Dynamische Tabelle erstellt mit Sophora CMS

Existing documents types in Sophora can be linked with document types for sports data in accordance with the modular principle. For instance it enables the integration of existing image documents or video data into the document types for sports data.


New disciplines and competition forms at sports events pose new challenges for online sports desks. Changes can cause the necessity for new document types. That does not count for Sophora! Sophora’s document types oriented on sports data are flexibly usable. New sports results and contests can be easily integrated in Sophora – without causing any problems.

Sports Data Can be Changed at Any Time

In general, sports results are delivered via an external provider for sports data. In order to react flexibly at any time when technical problems occur it is possible to edit individual sports results manually. Thus, Sophora offers further security standards for sports desks which are dealing with sports data.

Migration from Data of the Result Manager to Sophora

Existing data of the result manager, for example data of a SQL database, can be migrated to Sophora without further ado. The advantage when creating new documents by using Sophora is, that editors can fall back on existing data without entering those in the content management system again. Especially for recurring major sports events is the integration of former data of interest for editors, for example in order to create sports histories.

Leichtathletik EM 2014 in Zürich - Medaillienspiegel
Leichtathletik EM 2014 in Zürich - Zehnkampf

Sophora Clients and Projects

“Sportschau” is a sports program represented by Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and belongs to the ARD (consortium of public broadcasters in Germany). Apart from the WDR, the following broadcasters of the ARD take part in provision of sports data: MDR, BR, SWR and NDR. The web portal informs people interested in sports among other things about soccer, Formula 1, DTM, basketball, ice hockey, cycling, tennis and boxing. Visitors of the sports website can fall back on results, background information, live streaming, videos and audio data on demand.


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sportschau - published by CMS Sophora
sportschau - published by CMS Sophora

Olympic Games

Whether Winter Olympics or Summer Olympics, ARD opt for Sophora in the implementation of reporting on the Olympic Games. “Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk” (MDR) act as central coordinator of the provision of sports results, video data as well as background information of this international sports event. After a successful realization of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in August 2016 and in Pyeongchang in February 2018 will follow.

  • Summer Olympics 2008 in Beijing. More
  • Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver. More
  • Summer Olympics 2012 in London. More
  • Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. More

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Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver on - published with Sophora CMS
Olympic Games - published with Sophora CMS

World Championships in Athletics

European and World Championships in Athletics take place every two years. The upcoming World Championships are held 2017 in London and 2019 in Doha. The European Championships will be held in 2016 in Amsterdam and 2018 in Berlin. People interested in athletics can inform themselves on about latest results, medals table, records, athletes, disciplines and history about the sports event. The websites for the12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics, which took place 2009 in Berlin, as well as the World Championship 2013 in Moscow and 2015 in Beijing were already generated by Sophora.

  • World Championships in Athletics 2009 in Berlin. More
  • World Championships in Athletics 2013 in Moscow.

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Leichtathletik-EM in Zürich 2014
Leichtathletik-WM in Berlin - publiziert mit dem CMS Sophora von subshell

Clients Reviews

"Sophora is modern and up to the demands of our editorial staff for whom it is necessary to react quicklyto news events  - a good feel for editors and technicians" (Translated).
Erik Felske, director of the editorial department of