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What's new in Sophora CMS?

Sophora 2.1 is finally here! The new update enriches the editorial department with helpful features and optimizations. Also new: Sophoras Messenger add-on. more

Sophora für Sportredaktionen - hier

Sophora for Sports Desks

Sophora meets the sports desks requirements: a dynamic multi-media website, which can be combined individually and provides cross-media services. more

Das Erste-App - publiziert mit Sophora CMS

Das Erste App: Sophora Delivers Tatort to Tablets

Did you miss your favorite show? The CMS Sophora allows for a time delayed viewing of your choosen programs via smart phone, iPhone or tablet. more

German website of Eurovision Song Contest published with Sophora CMS

Experience the Eurovision Song Contest with Sophora

Since 2008, subshell supports the online-presence of the Eurovision Song Contest; the official German website runs on CMS Sophora. more


Toromiro: Professional JCR Browser and Editor

Toromiro is a professional tool for the browsing, administration and editing of Apache Jackrabbit and other Java Content Repositories (JCR). more

subshell News

About subshell

subshell is a flexible, tight-knit software company founded in 1999 with the goal of providing useful solutions to a variety of media organizations. more

Teletext by Sophora - WDR Text

Teletext by Sophora

Sophora ensures a carefree realization of teletext contents. Highlights: Integrated timing, WYSYWYG mode and HbbTV functionality. more

Programmdaten mit Sophora - TV-Programm des NDRs

TV and Radio: Program Data with Sophora

Structured and comprehensive: Program data for television and radio can be created easier than before by Sophora CMS. more

Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver on - published with Sophora CMS

Dynamic Suspense with Olympia Online and Sophora

Medals table, highlights and program information: ARD and the CMS Sophora give a lively description of the Olympic Games on more

Mediathek NDR - publiziert mit subshells CMS Sophora

Reports and Live Streams in the NDR Media Library

Sophora supports the website of the NDR media library. Selected radio and TV shows are offered and can be respectively watched or listened to for free. more