Sophora CMS Add-on: Advanced Admin Dashboard

subshell's Sophora add-on Advanced Administrator Dashboard is a flexible, easily configurable graphic application. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: Chronicle

Chronicle, the add-on of subshells content management system Sophora, enables editors to compile timelines easily. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: Date Search

The Add-on Date Search is in charge of searching for programs, events and other contents in which dates play a major role. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: Feed Manager

With the Feed Manager add-on you can easily search, read and import content from internal or external sources in Sophora CMS. more

Sophora CMS: Add-on MobileClient

The add-on MobileClient ensures easy access for editors to Sophora. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: Multisite Plus

Sophora’s add-on Multisite Plus goes far beyond the multi-site capability included in the standard scope of subshells content management system. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: Social Media Search & Quote

The add-on „Social Media Search“ allows to comfortably search contents in Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and quote these in the CMS Sophora. more

Sophora CMS: Add-on Solr-Connector

The add-on Solr-Connector links the Sophora CMS with the search engine Apache Solr, providing synchronous and up-to-date content. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: Teletext 2.0

All-in-one: Contents for teletext and web pages can be edited in one document. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: Tiles

The add-on „Tiles“ enables multimedia storytelling in Sophora with a new tiles-view to add text to components. more

Sophora Add-on DDJM: Data Driven Journalism with Maps

Data journalism made by Sophora: Data Driven Journalism with Maps is designed for geographic data and contains a mapping document including a table for geographic information. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: Data Store

The Sophora add-on Data Store makes it possible to store images and other binary files more efficiently in subshells content management system. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: High-availability Cluster

With Sophora's add on „High-availability Cluster“ nightly updates are a thing of the past. Editors can continue their work without any interruption. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: Maps

Use Maps to create interactive stories or to illustrate content. Places of interest and travel routes are put directly on an interactive map. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: Repo-Exporter

With the add-on „Repo-Exporter“ you can create in a simple manner quality management, test and approval systems out of a productive entity of Sophora. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: Social Media Connector

Use subshell's Social Media Connector to automatically update your Facebook and Twitter pages. All links to your website are generated automatically. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: TableStar

subshell developed Sophora add-on TableStar takes sports results from various sources, calculates a variety of tables and delivers them centrally. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: Taxo

With the add-on Taxo, the contents in the CMS Sophora can be classified even more effectively, comfortably and in a more uniform fashion. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: User-Generated Content

Let user comment and rate your content. Run interactive quizzes and votings and make users send their own content. more

Sophora CMS Add-on: YouTube-Connector

As a program of Java the „YouTube-Connector“ add-on connects Sophora with all internal and external systems for videos and transmits these to YouTube. more