What's new in Sophora CMS?

For the latest Sophora Update, version 2.4 we closely scrutinized individual features from the editor’s perspective. The outcome: small and precise adaptations with major consequences. We think we have created the perfect fit!

Sophora Release 2.4 (R1/2017)

Close to Content - Sophora’s Dynamic Tables

From now on, copy text and data tables move closer together. With Sophora 2.4, you can create dynamic tables directly in your text. Designing tables is easier than ever before, because data types like currencies or units of lengths can be determined within dynamic tables. This is what reduction in work hours looks like!

Sophora’s Dynamic Tables

Sophora 2.4 Keeping an Eye on Content

Who knows it better than you - text lengths need to be perfect. Sophora 2.4 provides detailed copy text statistics for text blocks and text selections in order for editors’ work to always have the correct fit. Thus, editors are continually informed of the number of characters, words, paragraphs and images in a story or feature.

Sophora CMS - Copy Text Statistics

With Sophora 2.4 You Can Do Everything Right

The quality of your text is important to us. Therefore, we have created normal Sophora documents out of the dictionaries for the spell-checker. These dictionary documents can be easily administrated, and exported as well as imported from editors working across different editorial departments, in order to maintain a consistently high quality in all your written work. Should your dictionary only be maintained by a few people? Then assign the right to edit and the right to read permission separately from each other. You can count on Sophora 2.4!

With Sophora 2.4 You Always Know What Is On

Test or live system – with Sophora 2.4, editors immediately see in which operating mode they are working in. A new display field in your DeskClient shows you in which Sophora-environment you are inserting your content. Whether in the test-, live- or pre-live environment, the name of the respective Sophora environment can easily be configured in the administration area.

Sophora CMS - Display the right Sophora-Environment

Sophora 2.4 Ensures Workflow

We have enhanced Sophora’s proposal view for editors who need to prepare documents for other teams. New in Sophora is the select value called “end of the next day” as the due date. In using this option, documents can be created as proposed stories. During the next day, colleagues can then easily continue working on these documents. subshell give its regards to all teams who appreciate editorial routines!

Sophora’s Proposal View - New Select Value End of the next day

Administration & Development

  • Easier Analysis. With release 2.4, Sophora also hands over user names to server events. This facilitates central evaluations and helps in undertaking error analysis.
  • More power for Sophora’s Importer. For pre-processing imported contents, we have strengthened Sophora’s Importer. The result: Sophora 2.4 also hands over parameters from feeds and watch folders apart from XSLT to Java and Groovy. But there is more to it than that! From now on, the Importer can save the state of a document and restore it after importing it. In the case that a document has not yet existed before the import, a configurable fallback takes effect.
  • More flexible template development. Last but not least, we have multiplied the possibilities of inheritance. With Sophora 2.4, developers can reuse several template sets by inheritance.

Release: 2.4 5/2017 | For more details (Update Notes and Covered Issues), please refer to the section Release Notes in the Sophora Documentation.

Sophora Release 2.3 (R2/2016)

Sophora DeskClient: Design Refresh!

After 10 years, we finally overhauled Sophora’s DeskClient. The DeskClient now features an updated look & feel and is easier to use. We took inspiration from Google’s Material Design Styleguide (https://www.google.com/design/spec/material-design/).

Sophora CMS Editor

Give it a try and see for yourself!

Bookmarks and Personal Data Synced Across Desks and Devices

Sophora now automatically syncs all bookmarks, lightboxes, saved searches, history, and personal settings across all desks, devices and platforms. All personal information is centrally stored in the Sophora master server.

Release: 2.3 11/2016 | For more details (Update Notes and Covered Issues), please refer to the section Release Notes in the Sophora Documentation.