Transparency in the Newsroom at Tagesschau

The editorial dashboard forms and creates content from the Sophora CMS, as well as other systems.

Which news updates are currently in progress? Which editors are working on what articles? Are there topics and themes that overlap? Has a news item already been published? What stories are the news agencies delivering? The editorial dashboard answers all of these question in one glance. Via the editorial dashboard, editors get all the support they need in order to do their work – in real time, including performing theme searches, double checking the processing status of a news story, and viewing the details of a story.

MMSA - Swimlane-Ansicht

subshell’s editorial dashboard displays web, teletext, TV, video and news agency content in three different view options for editorial departments. Editors have the choice between a swim lane, tile, or list view. These different view options support the editorial staff in searching for content and to prevent for multiple entries.

MMSA - Listenansicht

The editorial dashboard was created in 2015 under the name MMSA (German abbreviation for multimedia interface adaption; German: Multimediale Schnittstellenangleichung) as a pilot project at Tagesschau. subshell, in cooperation with the editorial department from ARD-aktuell, continually expanded and optimized the editorial dashboard. The web and teletext content play the editorial dashboard directly out of the content management system, Sophora. The editorial dashboard calls videos directly from an asset management system from the firm SAM (formely Quantel). subshell takes care of the import of the video metadata. For TV content, the dashboard relies on the TV editorial system OpenMedia from Annova Systems.

MMSA - Kachelansicht mit Detailseite