Ready for Action at Any Time: Sophora Provides Coliquio

Sophora CMS is on duty for the largest German-speaking experts network for doctors. Physicians share their expertise on

coliquio is a free experts and communication platform for doctors of human medicine. Over 135.000 physicians use coliquio in order to exchange medical knowledge and experiences about diagnoses, medical treatments and therapies with other medical specialists. The questions are assigned to the specialist medical fields. The online portal also provides tips, studies and documents for various medical fields.

Registered members of the portal have the opportunity to exchange with pharmaceutical companies. The companies provide topics, treatment tips and information about preparations at the individual info centre of coliquio.

Innovative Use of Sophora at Coliquio

coliquio has integrated subshell’s content management Sophora by themselves. Thereby coliquio as one of the first Sophora clients, uses exclusively the new content API (REST/JSON) of Sophora. Content is being retrieved by coliquio in JSON format from Sophora mixed with content from other systems and edited with PHP for the website. Therefore, coliquio treads a new innovative path for the integration of content and shows that Sophora is usable even without Java know-how.

Sophora CMS im Einsatz beim Online-Expertennetzwerk Coliquio


  • Name: coliquio
  • Client(s): coliquio GmbH
  • URL:
  • Years: Fall 2015
  • Summary: At doctors share their knowledge and experiences. coliquio operates since October 2007.
  • Categories: physicians network, exchange platform, physicians community, web, mobile, responsive design
  • Integration: Inhouse at coliquio.