Google AMP News for the Tagesschau News Program - Implemented with Sophora

Always at the forefront, media houses and content platforms can now offer and update their content with minimal load time via Google AMP.

The users of benefit from fast mobile message retrieval. All Tagesschau articles that are marked with the lightening bolt symbol appear in the Google search news carousel as an AMP message - all without extra effort on the part of the editorial team.

The project was realized very quickly by subshell on the basis of the Tagesschau’s use of the CMS Sophora. Implementation took place in calculated steps, with direct consultation between and Google. During live video conferencing via Google's Hangouts on Air, the subshell team was able to engage directly with AMP product experts to discuss various outstanding issues.

Google AMP accelerates the rendering of articles on mobile devices by reducing the source code for a short load time upon opening. The AMP HTML works with a smaller amount of data so that users can see the content while the page is loading. JavaScript content is also compressed. In addition, the data volume is reduced by adapting image sizes to the display size of the device in use.