Sophora CMS unterstützt bei der Bundestagswahl

Online Election Reporting with Sophora at Tagesschau

Editors from Tagesschau report with Sophora around the clock about political elections at their website more

Die Website wird vom Sophora CMS unterstützt

ZDFmediathek and Run with Sophora

ZDF has merged its ZDFmediathek and into a shared portal, based on the Sophora CMS. more

sophora unterstützt olympia 2016 in rio

Dynamic Tension at

Medal tables, highlights and programme information: Olympics Online of ARD and the CMS Sophora make the Olympic Games come alive. more

Sophora beliefert die Tagesschau-App mit Inhalten

Sophora CMS Powers Tagesschau App

App content by click: With Sophora, Tagesschau's editors can integrate content from the website into the app with no additional expense. more

Website - publiziert mit dem Sophora CMS von subshell

ARD Teletext: News on Demand with Sophora CMS

Users can access all the latest news on demand, independent from the current television program. more

CMS Sophora im Einsatz bei

Hessenschau Goes Mobile with Sophora CMS

At any time, at any place: With Sophora enables mobile access to latest regional news from Hessen. more

CMS Sophora im Einsatz für - Modern Website for Young Audience

Sophora CMS leads into a cross-media future: TV contents are combined with web contents and retrievable in responsive design. more

Experience the Eurovision Song Contest with Sophora

Since 2008, subshell supports the online-presence of the Eurovision Song Contest; the official German website runs on CMS Sophora. more

MMSA - Swimlane-Ansicht

Transparency in the Newsroom at Tagesschau

The editorial dashboard forms and creates content from the Sophora CMS, as well as other systems. more

Website - publiziert mit dem CMS Sophora von subshell

Sophora CMS Powers German Sesame Street's Website At the virtual Sesame Street it is open house all day long, with support from the content management system Sophora. more

Webauftritt von WDR wird mit CMS Sophora publiziert

Feel the Harmony of the Entire WDR with Sophora

In 2010 the WDR staged a re-launch with the CMS Sophora of their popular website to make it more use friendly and to increase readership. more

ARD Hauptstadtstudio publiziert mit dem CMS Sophora

ARD-Hauptstadtstudio: Sophora in Berlin

CMS Sophora supports the website of ARD’s branch in the German capital, a studio shared by the nine regional broadcasters belonging to ARD. more

Radio Bremen Website - publiziert mit CMS Sophora

Multi-Media News Services on

The web presence of Radio Bremen is published since early 2009 with the content management system Sophora to work even more efficiently. more

Sophora CMS im Einsatz bei Coliquio

Ready for Action at Any Time: Sophora Provides Coliquio

Sophora CMS is on duty for the largest German-speaking experts network for doctors. Physicians share their expertise on more

Medizinerportal Doctopia - publiziert mit dem CMS Sophora von subshell

Doctopia - A Learning Platform for Physicians

Aspiring doctors can network and exchange ideas on a new learning portal. is supported by subshell's content management system Sophora. more

Liveticker beim NDR

Live Ticker at Norddeutscher Rundfunk - Linking Latest News and Other Content per Drag & Drop

Real-time-reporting: Sophora's live ticker ensures fast publishing and editing of ticker news. more

Tagesschau auf Facebook mit Inhalten aus Sophora

Tagesschau Saves Time with Sophora's Omnichannel-Function

With CMS Sophora Tagesschau's editors can create content in one system, centrally maintain and use it parallel for various communication channels. more

Teletext by Sophora - WDR Text

NDR: Teletext by Sophora

Norddeutscher Rundfunk is able to serve online and teletext contents by the same editorial department with Sophora. more

Storytelling beim NDR -  Die Narbe

Sophora Enables Visual Storytelling at NDR

One single system for visual storytelling: Thanks to Sophora, editors do not need any external systems for the production of web documentaries. more

Teletext by Sophora - WDR Text

WDR: Teletext by Sophora

Fast, current and easily retrievable – the traditional medium teletext is still trending and scores with usability. Sophora ensures working and publishing teletext contents in a cross-media way. more setzt auf CMS Sophora

The Fastest Website in the North - NDR Website

As a large and dynamic broadcasting corporation, NDR needs an agile and extremely high-performance CMS, which they have realized with Sophora. more

Sophora ünterstützt das NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester

Sophora Accompanies the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra

The Elbphilharmonie’s multi-media content runs on Sophora. more

Facebook Instant Articles im Einsatz bei mit Sophora CMS

Facebook Instant Articles: Now in Use at the Tagesschau

Due to Sophora’ flexibility, users of the CMS can quickly implement any new technology. Of course, the subshell CMS can also be used to generate Instant Articles. more

Sophora CMS unterstützt den Einsatz von Google AMP bei

Google AMP News for the Tagesschau News Program - Implemented with Sophora

Always at the forefront, media houses and content platforms can now offer and update their content with minimal load time via Google AMP. more

BR-Klassik: Sophora Makes Music

Bayerischer Rundfunk’s portal for classical, jazz, film and world music runs on subshell’s CMS. more

Sophora ist das CMS von

Everything Runs on Sophora - SWR Creates a Comprehensive Platform with subshell CMS

Multimedia-based, responsive and application-oriented; since 2017, SWR has switched all its websites to run on Sophora. more

Bremen Next runs with Sophora CMS

Fat Beats and Cool Lifestyle on the Weser - Bremen NEXT runs on Sophora

Courageous, authentic, cross-media and Bremen-oriented. NEXT, the youth programming of Radio Bremen relies on Sophora. more

Youfm runs with Sophora

A Like for Sophora

The youth radio program youfm is interactive with subshell’s CMS. more

Sophora CMS in use for Women's Championship

Soccer Season Fever with the Sophora CMS and the NDR

With the Sophora CMS, NDR provides all goals, information and live reports on the Women's European Football Championship. more runs with Sophora CMS with Sophora CMS

For the youngest among us, offers child-friendly, interactive online material, all published with the Sophora CMS. more

Planet Wissen

Sophora Supports Planet Wissen

Planet Wissen impresses with its wide range of topics. The online knowledge pool has been supported by Sophora since its relaunch in 2017. more

MDR Jump Online - publiziert mit dem CMS Sophora von subshell

MDR Jump – Radio Website with Multi-Media Functions

After switched to Sophora, the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk’s (MDR) successful radio MDR JUMP made the change as well. more

Online-Gedenkseite des NDR mit Sophora

Sophora Supports NDR’s Project „Auschwitz und Ich”

CMS Sophora accompanies the online memorial page of “Reminder foundation Auschwitz-Birkenau”, as a community project of ARD and NDR. more

CMS Sophora im Einsatz bei in Top Form through Sophora

ARD’s sport webpage, backed by the CMS Sophora, informs about news, reports, images and multimedia content from the world of sports. more

Sophora beliefert die Das Erste-App mit Inhalten

Sophora CMS for DasErste App

Videos, live streams, program information and recommend TV tips are, thanks to the app, retrievable at any time. more

Leichtathletik-WM 2017 mit Sophora CMS auf

Sophora Creates Excitement at the World Championships in Athletics

Track and field online with the Sophora CMS. ARD successfully published its content for the World Championship in Athletics more

Die Tatort App mit Sophora

Sophora Powers Tatort App

Watch Tatort on a smartphone or tablet. With a large amount of image and video material, the Tatort app gives viewers a real sense of the scene of the crime. more

Deutscher Radiopreis 2018

Deutscher Radiopreis for Excellence in German Radio

The website of Germany’s top radio prize went online with subshell's content management system Sophora in June 2010. more

CMS Sophora im Einsatz bei

TV on the Web at

At, the program of the TV channel Das Erste is just a click away. Sophora CMS enables the link between television and the internet. more

Webauftritt von wird mit CMS Sophora publiziert – The Market News, 24 Hours-a-Day

Crisis-proof, thanks to the Sophora CMS. informs regularly about stock market and financial market issues. more

Sophora versorgt die sportschau-App mit Inhalten

Sophora Provides Sportschau App with Content

On the homepage of the Sportschau app, user can find the latest news from the world of sports, such as current days scores. more

CMS Sophora im Einsatz bei

Bayerischer Rundfunk Strengthens Usability

Efficient technology and great usability - these attributes of Sophora are the most valuable functions for the multimedia editors at more

Sophora CMS unterstützt den Webauftritt von

Continuously Informed with Saarlaendischer Rundfunk

Clearly structured since 2011 - Saarlaendischer Rundfunk (SR), german broadcaster, decided to work with subshells CMS Sophora. more

Sophora ist das CMS von

Check Eins: Sophora for Young Web Surfers

Creating the right environment for our younger users: CMS Sophora supports interactive websites for children with large image formats and a navigation suitable for children. more

Programmdaten mit Sophora - TV-Programm des NDRs

TV and Radio: EPG with Sophora at NDR

Structured and comprehensive: Program data for television and radio can be created easier than before by Sophora CMS. more

Intranet hr-inline - erstellt mit Sophora CMS

As an Employee Always Well-Informed with "hr-inline"

Fresh and engaging content is key to the success of the intranet of Hessischer Rundfunk powered by Sophora CMS. more

Intranet des NDR - publiziert mit CMS Sophora

CMS Supports Employee's Knowledge in the NDR Intranet

Sophora reliably handles the NDR-internal publication of all essential information and internal services for all aspects of the station's concerns. more

Mediathek NDR - publiziert mit subshells CMS Sophora

Reports and Live Streams in the NDR Media Library

At users can even arrange their individual program. more

Mediathek von wird mit CMS Sophora publiziert

TV on Demand: Video Library of Das Erste

At, the program of the TV channel Das Erste is just a click away. Sophora CMS enables the link between television and the internet. more

Sophora CMS versorgt die UnserDing-App mit Inhalten

SR: UnserDing App with Sophora

Stream music live, request podcasts, track news and watch videos. The UnserDing app makes all of this possible! more

Liveticker beim MDR mit Sophora CMS

Live Ticker at MDR - Be Always Up to Date With Sophora CMS

Real-time-reporting: Sophora's live ticker ensures fast publishing and editing of ticker news at MDR. more

ZDFheute Nachrichten mit Sophora CMS

Sophora Delivers the News for the ZDFheute-App and

Emerging news and video content are fail-safe, even during peak traffic times and high hit rates. more

MDR Webseite is Ready for the Future

The website of the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) is supported by the Web Content Management System Sophora. more läuft mit Sophora Focuses on Innovation with its Use of Sophora

Double use of Sophora at SWR youth radio station, Sophora's DeskClient and MobileClient are used for's website. more

ARD Faktenfinder läuft auf Sophora

ARD’s Successful Website Faktenfinder Runs on Sophora

The ARD’s website "Faktenfinder" verifies news stories, uncovers false reports and fake news - supported by Sophora. more läuft auf Sophora

Sophora Strikes the Right Note performs at the highest technical level with use of the multimedia CMS Sophora. more

HR Relaunch

Comprehensive Relaunch as an Agile Project: Sophora at the Hessischer Rundfunk

Since August 2017, Hessischer Rundfunk (hr) has been running seven additional online channels on Sophora. more

DDJM with Sophora

Interactive Maps with Sophora - WDR Puts Geodata to Use

Just in time for the trend-topic data journalism, Sophora’s add-on DDJM (Data Driven Journalism) can easily capture, evaluate and graphically display geodata. more

N-JOY runs with Sophora Content Management System

N-JOY: NDR's Online Youth Portal

With Sophora, the editorial team consistently aligns the portal to its younger target group. more

ZDFtivi runs with Sophora CMS

Sophora Casts its Spell: Sophora Brings Bibi Blocksberg Online for ZDFtivi

If you don't want to miss the latest treasure hunt with Bibi Blocksberg or want to know how to become a football star, then ZDFtivi is the right place for you. more


ZDFneo - Better Online Television with Sophora

Better than before! ZDFneo's online offering is now supported by Sophora. more