Tagesschau Saves Time with Sophora's Omnichannel-Function

With CMS Sophora Tagesschau's editors can create content in one system, centrally maintain and use it parallel for various communication channels.

Multi-Channel-Content: Adjusted Content for Social Posts and Mobile Pages

On Facebook, by Twitter, on teletext or via website: The communication with different stakeholders on the right channel is strategically very important for TV providers and companies. They need to create social content for every channel and be prepared for rapidly growing call-off-figures of their mobile offers.

This means additional work for online editorial departments, who create, publish and maintain content for every channel. Sophora reduces this work, because the CMS automatically adjusts content for the website, the social media channels like Twitter and Facebook and for mobile sites.

One System, Various Communication Channels

Sophora simplifies the work of online editorial departments, because the CMS supplies all communication channels at the same time. The editorial team can create the same content for teletext, website and social media posts within Sophora and publish it individually with Sophora.

And since Sophora also supports responsive design, all content is automatically optimized for mobile devices. This reduces effort and costs.

Advantages of an Omnichannel-Solution with Sophora:

• By publishing the same content in various channels, many users with different profiles can be reached.
• Data and content are updated and maintained from a single source.
• Editors can use content flexible and save it independently of a channel.
• Sophora is cost-effective since content can be reused.
• Sophora scores with low maintenance costs.

Different Communication Channels in Use

The online editorial department of tagesschau.de publishes news on numerous online, mobile, and tv-channels with Sophora. In the following some communication channels of Tagesschau are listed. More


Since 2007 Sophora is the content management system of Tagesschau and supports the editorial department which operates around the clock, in writing, linking and quick publishing. By using Drag and Drop editors of tagesschau.de can compile documents and articles and create single modules flexible, group and nest them. For an ideal news appearance on different screens Sophora separates consequently between the content and design.

Tagesschau Website mit Sophora CMS


The teletext „ARD teletext“ of „das Erste“ is a community offer of the public broadcasting services. The teletext is supervised by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. The editorial department of tagesschau.de in Hamburg provides ARD teletext with news content. Here appears not only the cooperation between different broadcasting services but also the mutual compilation of teletext and web content with only one content management system.

Sophora CMS unterstützt  Teletextinhalte der Tagesschau

Social Media

With the add-on „Social Media Connector“ subshell enables updating social media pages with Sophora. The editorial department of tagesschau.de can write and manage content for Facebook and Twitter within the content management system and pass it down to the particular social media channel. The links to the website tagesschau.de are set automatically. With the Social Media Connector it is ensured, that external social media entries, including the URL of quoted entries, are inserted into the website. Time-consuming embedding per HTML-code ceases. More


The website of tagesschau.de is responsive. The module-based design ensures that the website is optimized for smartphones, tablets and for different screen sizes on the desktop. Mobile users can navigate comfortably with their smartphones and request large image formats and articles on the mobile device. Contents are published by the editorial department of Tagesschau only once and Sophora displays them in five different designs.

CMS Sophora unterstützt responsives Design der Tagesschau.de


Contents of Tagesschau app are sourced from Sophora. An interface in the content management system delivers content such as live streams, podcasts , images and texts directly to the app. An editor for mobile content is not required. The presentation which is optimized for smartphones and tablets, does not include additional content, but allows a more comfortable request of news on all mobile devices. On the basis of the Sophora interface, applications adapted to technical changes can be developed in a short time in the future.

Sophora beliefert die Tagesschau-App mit Inhalten