Fat Beats and Cool Lifestyle on the Weser - Bremen NEXT runs on Sophora

Courageous, authentic, cross-media and Bremen-oriented. NEXT, the youth programming of Radio Bremen relies on Sophora.

Supported by the subshell CMS, Bremen NEXT offers videos, audio content and events for young radio listeners and online users. Whether Pit, "dein Brudi von nebenan", #bremerschnauze June, Endboss Jim, video reporter Leonie or rap fan Kevin - the 46-strong team of young people from Bremen and Bremerhaven provides music and information around the clock, from party events to political world affairs. Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram provide the connections to everyday life in the multicultural community. The cross-media appearance, with a new design and completely responsive usability, is also played out in the app.

Thanks to Sophora, the multimedia offering was seamlessly integrated into the existing Radio Bremen structure. As of 2018, all Radio Bremen websites have been relaunched step by step, of course, with all using Sophora. To visit their website go to www-radiobremen.de/bremennext/.

Bremen Next runs with Sophora CMS