Everything Runs on Sophora - SWR Creates a Comprehensive Platform with subshell CMS

Multimedia-based, responsive and application-oriented; since 2017, SWR has switched all its websites to run on Sophora.

The new overall appearance, with a uniform design, continues to impress users with its strong visual content. The step-by-step transition created a station-wide platform with high recognition value – all based on the subshell multimedia CMS.

Sophora can be used flexibly and, with its many interfaces, has the best prerequisites for merging different websites. An SWR team, consisting of both editorial and technology staff members, implemented the transition to the multichannel CMS independently. The agile process was supported by the subshell team from Hamburg.

The SWR team also uses the Sophora MobileClient add-on, which makes it easier to edit and publish articles and images in Sophora. The add-on has fewer functions and is therefore an ideal introduction to Sophora for those new to the CMS. subshell optimized the add-on in close cooperation with the SWR team so that the online editorial team responsible for a younger target audience could quickly compile, publish and link current content. The relaunch of the youth radio service DASDING in September 2017 was also the premiere for Sophora's new MobileClient.

More than 176 million annual visits show how popular the responsive SWR websites are.

Sophora ist das CMS von swr.de