Interactive Maps with Sophora - WDR Puts Geodata to Use

Just in time for the trend-topic data journalism, Sophora’s add-on DDJM (Data Driven Journalism) can easily capture, evaluate and graphically display geodata.

Online editors can use Sophora to convert topographical facts and information into graphics. Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) is currently showing how users benefit from this trend with its use of interactive maps created on the basis of geodata via the add-on DDJM. The results are convincing. Visitors to the website can select and call up radio and television reports by region and country. The content includes travel tips and travel reports, all visualized on a click-on world map as well as an overview of Christmas markets in North Rhine-Westphalia. Whether it is international travel or mulled wine time, whether in the Congo, Krakow, Kiev or Cologne, interested readers can, via click, decide which countries and cities are of particular interest to them.

For WDR's online editorial team, the visualization of geodata is extremely simple. With DDJM, they can import, evaluate, enrich and display information from Excel onto interactive maps. subshell developed and implemented the DDJM add-on in close cooperation with WDR and it is therefore optimally adapted to the requirements of the editorial staff.

WDR uses DDJM with Sophora