Website - publiziert mit dem Sophora CMS von subshell Makes Headlines with Sophora CMS

subshell's CMS Sophora is in action 24 hours a day at, the website of the oldest and most-viewed news program on German television. more

Experience the Eurovision Song Contest with Sophora

Since 2008, subshell supports the online-presence of the Eurovision Song Contest; the official German website runs on CMS Sophora. more

Die Website wird vom Sophora CMS unterstützt

ZDFmediathek and Run with Sophora

ZDF has merged its ZDFmediathek and into a shared portal, based on the Sophora CMS. more

CMS Sophora im Einsatz bei in Top Form through Sophora

ARD’s sport webpage, backed by the CMS Sophora, informs about news, reports, images and multimedia content from the world of sports. more