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subshell’s developers and consultants assist partners and customers in order to ensure project success.

Optimizing Sophora: Our on-site experts

Sophora was already implemented by one of our partners? Then congratulations on your good judgment. As Sophora’s developer we offer you an interesting supplemental service, the Sophora Fine Tuning. With this service we are able to optimally adjust the Sophora components to best service your needs. Just as for the program itself, we want to make certain that each implementation of the software is used to its best possible end.

The Sophora Fine Tuning is available in the following forms:

  • Designing Your Document Model: You aren’t certain which optimal document model to deploy? We can design a document model based on your needs. You benefit from our experience and expertise and you then have a solid basis for  your websites.
  • Document Model Review: Have you determined your document model but want to be certain that you have thought of everything? We can take over this process for you. You can count on us for constructive input, helpful improvements and valuable ideas.
  • Code-Review: Finished with the development of the example templates and simply want to know if the publishing can be optimized? We are more than happy to assist with pre-generating of websites and with fine-tuning caching.
  • Import and Export Analysis: Would you like to know if your data transfer is functioning at an optimal level? We can gladly consult how to best proceed with Sophora. Based on your needs we can show you how to best implement export and import functions.
  • Configuration Review: Do you require an expert review of your work with Sophora? We can analyze how to best configure Sophora so that the CMS runs on an optimal level and then take over the configuration.

Sophora Installation and Deployment

Would you prefer a Sophora expert directly by your side, during the setup process? We can easily take over the concepting process to ensure the proper Sophora infrastructure. We work in-house during the deployment phase to guarantee a smooth start for your websites and apps. Along the way, your team learns directly from us the ins & outs of Sophora.

Sophora Upgrade Services

Every new release of Sophora is faster and more functional than its predecessor, and we want you to take advantage of that as soon as possible. Let subshell take the worry out of upgrading and get it done for you quickly. Our team will work with you to schedule the upgrade in production that best meets your scheduling needs.

Client Specific Add-Ons

Do you have additional needs for special types of content, for example for e-commerce, delivery planning, or for external content? Extra plug-in development is not a problem. And of course, we guarantee the seamless integration of new plug-ins and their future compatibility when developed by our team.

Professional Services

subshell Consultant / Architect / Project Manager

  • Consulting, Content Model, Project Management, Architecture, SCRUM, Configuration and Tuning etc.
  • Type: Day Rate

subshell Server Developer

  • Server Development, Custom Delivery, Custom Adapters, Custom Clients etc.
  • Type: Day Rate

subshell Client Developer

  • DeskClient Plug-Ins, SWT-Development
  • Type: Day Rate

subshell Delivery Developer

  • Templates, Imports, Exports etc.
  • Type: Day Rate