Partners - in Cooperation with subshell

subshell's partners implement content management solutions based on Sophora CMS.


Vier=eins GmbH, with its headquarters in Hamburg, realizes the transmission of video, audio and data for media specialized companies. In previous projects vier=eins GmbH has created the online presence for Germany’s election as well as an Electronic Program Guide for managing program information and for playing out these ones. More about Vier=eins.


Accso - Accelerated Solutions GmbH provides individual software solutions for IT-systems. Clients of various fields get advised by Accso in actual problems around technology and architecture. Accso focusses on Java, .Net and products of Open Source by compiling software solutions. More about Accso.

andrena objects

andrena objects as development and consultancy firm for agile software engineering is represented in four locations in Germany. The different fields of andrena are composed of asset-related engineering, agile engineering, agile project management and agile quality assurance. More about andrena objects.


ANNOVA Systems provides software solutions and services to help journalists and interactive content producers streamline news and production workflows. ANNOVA’s flagship OpenMedia software, with more than 50,000 users worldwide, is an independent news platform for production and rundown management. Major broadcasters have been loyal to OpenMedia for many years. The user interface is clear and intuitive, while integration with the production and IT environment is given. More about Annova.


APPSfactory is an agency specialized in designing and developing applications for smart phones, tablets, smart watches and smart TV. The company is based in Leipzig, where more than 80 employees create apps for Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows 10 and Blackberry. More about APPSfactory.


The artegic GmbH is an union of marketing and IT. The company is situated in Bonn and supports enhancement in company’s results with assistance of technology in marketing automation, online customer relationship management, process optimization and customer focus communication via email, mobile and social media. artegic’s range of services comprises consulting, development, technology and services for business to business and business to consumers. More about artegic.

Plan A

Hamburg's Plan A is a technology service provider for implementation and putting into service huge content platforms. More about Plan A.


Capgemini is an international service provider in consultancy and IT. The headquarters in Paris and Berlin are completed with sites in Hamburg, Hanover, Munich and Stuttgart. Business sectors of Capgemini are composed of consulting, technology, outsourcing and local professional services. Worldwide the Capgemini group employ about 130.000 employees in more than 40 countries. More about Capgemini.


As a business consultancy, with 130 employees, Cassini Consulting supports companies in fields of business, IT strategy, technology and projects. Six sites in Germany are counted among Cassini: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich und Stuttgart. The branches are subdivided into four operative corporations. More about Cassini.


Codevise Solutions Ltd., situated in Cologne, is a provider of an information and communication medium. As a service and consultancy provider Codevise is specialized in web services, mobile and web applications.  More about Codevise.


Condat AG is a provider of innovative software solutions in media (new media applications and platform solutions), mobility (controlling in field services) and monitoring (solutions for environment and data analysis). More about Condat.


Exozet Berlin ist the Agency for Digital Transformation. Founded in 1996, Exozet today is one of the leading digital agencies in the DACH region for the media and entertainment industries. Services range from consulting over implementation to sales and marketing. European media giants such as Axel Springer, ZDF German Television, ORF Austrian Television, the BBC as well as regional providers such as ATV, rbb or SWR trust the Berliners. Exozet works for established brands and enterprises such as Red Bull, Audi or German Telekom as well as young companies and startups. Exozet employs around 150 people at offices in Berlin, Potsdam and Vienna. More about Exozet.

Folge 3

With its headquarters in Hamburg, Folge 3 GmbH develops individual software systems and web applications for mainly publisher’s and media clients. Folge 3 supports customers to publish their contents in several channels of communication. More about Folge 3.

Geißendörfer & Leschinsky

G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH enables to transmit film and sound to the internet. Contents are made available worldwide, for instance: radio and television programs, cultural and sports events, conferences and company events. More about G&L.


The IVZ (Informations-Verarbeitungs-Zentrum) is a joint venture of European public broadcasters. IVZ is based in Berlin and Cologne including two branches in Hamburg and Leipzig. The IVZ is responsible for the entry, processing and use of data, which serve broadcasters as journalistic and editorial purposes. Assignments of the center are the installation of databases, the development of computer software and the execution of tasks in the field of electronic data processing applications. More about IVZ.


An established company for system and consultancy with its headquarters in Munich. m.a.x. it as a partner of large-sized and medium-sized companies, possesses extensive knowledge in fields of industry and media. The company’s portfolio extend in consultancy over individual software solutions and IT services. More about m.a.x.

mgm technology partners

For almost 20 years takes mgm technology partners the long-term responsibility of administration in software systems for their clients and public institutions. mgm develops online applications for public clients, insurance and e-commerce companies. More about mgm technology partners.


nacamar GmbH, founded in 1995, is today's new media service provider and belongs to the corporation of ecotel communication AG. Its services are offered to business clients, concern fields of new media, web and data. nacamar processes contents of radio and television for web presence and transmits these afterwards live, on demand or as a podcast/video-podcast via internet to web users. More about nacamar.


As an expert for big data, multi-media and cloud computing NorCom is focused in asset-based consulting. NorCom GmbH as an IT and consultancy firm provides a secure IT-structure for various business cases. The range of services is composed of management consulting, analysis and optimization of business processes as well as network integration and security. More about NorCom.


OSB AG, with more than 450 employees and 13 sites in Germany, is a provider of engineering and IT services. OSB develops innovative solutions for the entire process chain of product development. More about OSB.


Sybit GmbH stands for competence in consultancy and solutions in fields of customer relationship management (CRM), e-business, mobile business and media platforms. About 120 employees in Radolfzell and Frankfurt are responsible for sales, marketing and services processes for consumer needs regarding productivity and customer centricity. More about Sybit.

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions realizes IT-based solutions in customer relationship management, media and industry, based on Java, portal, mobile and SAP technologies. The company’s 1.200 employees carry out projects for various client groups as healthcare systems, finance sector and car manufacturer. The headquarters of T-Systems, belongs to Deutsche Telekom AG, is situated in Dresden. In addition to Dresden exist six further sites in Germany: Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg, Jena, München and Stuttgart. More about T-Systems Multimedia Solutions.


The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH (*um) is specialized in web applications as well as consultancy of IT architecture, performance and security. Focusing on technical challenges of the digital economy and working on software-based projects, *um is able to conceive and convert solutions for clients. More about *um.

WDR mediagroup

WDR mediagroup, situated in Cologne, is the commercially subsidiary firm of the German broadcaster Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). As a media provider, the company markets and exploits programs of WDR and other partners on different channels and platforms. Beside core business WDR mediagroup’s service portfolio comprises the entire digital value chain: WDRmg digitizes and files media contents, constructs an infrastructure for further exploitation and takes over in marketing and sales. More about WDR mediagroup.

subshell Partner Program

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