Sophora Training

Become an Sophora expert. Learn more about our training options and certificates. We offer a range of professional training and certificates for Administrators, Consultants, Trainers and Developers.

Training - subshell Certified Professional Program

SOCDT - Sophora Certified DeskClient Trainer

  • Target Audience: Developed to train key staff members how to best explain the concepts and features of the Sophora DeskClient to your editorial staff.
  • Synopsis: In this course you learn the basic features of the Sophora DeskClient. You will gain insight on how the different tools and editors work together. Finally, didactical methods will be explained so that you are able to train your editorial staff.
  • Topics: DeskClient Overview, Toolbar, Search, Document-editor, Copytext, Images, Components.
  • Duration: 2 Days.
  • Prerequisites: None

SOCCD - Sophora Certified Client Developer

  • Target Audience: Targeted to those who want to extend the Sophora DeskClient in order to access and modify content from third party systems. Includes customizing editing features of Sophora documents in a way the DeskClient doesn’t already provide.
  • Synopsis: The Sophora DeskClient is based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. Therefore it can be extended easily using the Eclipse RCP’s plugin functionality. In this course you will learn how to develop your own DeskClient Plugin. Usage of extensions and extension points will be explained as well as UI development with SWT.
  • Topics: DeskClient Overview, Eclipse Extension Points, DeskClient Extension Points, IDE Setup, Hands-on exercises, Developing, Running and Testing own Plugins.
  • Duration: 2 Days.
  • Prerequisites: Certificate SOCAD or SOCDD or SOCSD as well as basic Knowledge of Java, Eclipse RCP, SWT and Sophora

SOCAD - Sophora Certified Administrator

  • Target Audience: This course trains developers and consultants to implement a flexible Sophora-document-model. Additionally you will learn to provide a configuration useful for the editors to keep their day-to-day business simple.
  • Synopsis: The Sophora DeskClient is the main tool for editors and administrators. In this course you will learn the features the DeskClient offers to the editors. Additionally you will learn how to configure the DeskClient and how to design and implement Sophora-document-models.
  • Topics: Sophora Overview, DeskClient-Introduction, Sophora Administration, Node types and Configuration, Users and roles, System Documents - like image variants, paragraph styles, select values, Export function, Instruction in the sophora.xml- Format, and the Importer.
  • Duration: 2 Days.
  • Prerequisites: None

SOCAR - Sophora Certified Architect

  • Target Audience: Developed for system architects who plan the setup of a Sophora infrastructure.
  • Synopsis: In this course you will get an overview over the components in the Sophora infrastructure. The course explains how central processes like archival and replication work. You will learn how to configure each component to optimize their interaction. Finally you will learn how third party systems can be integrated.
  • Topics: System Overview, System Architecture, Delivery Scaling and Caching, Archiving and Deleting Nodes, Extend and customize Sophora, Integrating Third Party Systems, Sophora-Document-State, Creating Sophora Node-Types.
  • Duration: 2 Days.
  • Prerequisites: Certificate SOCAD or SOCDD or SOCSD as well as Java, Eclipse RCP, SWT ans basic Sophora knowledge

SOCDD - Sophora Certified Delivery Developer

  • Target Audience: Focus lies on teaching web developers how to design and implement a delivery implementation for your Sophora-System, as the developing performance of the templates itself is as important as an intelligent caching strategy.
  • Synopsis: In this course, you will learn how to develop templates using the Sophora-delivery-infrastructure. After an overview of the delivery architecture you will have the opportunity to implement your own templates according to the document model designed in TRAAD.
  • Topics: Overview, Sophora-Filter-Chain, Caching, Sophora-Web-Project, Maven Configuration, Best Practices, Template-Development with lots of hand-on practice.
  • Duration: 2 Days.
  • Prerequisites: Certificate SOCAD as well as basic knowlege of Java, JSP, JSTL, Taglibs

SOCSD - Sophora Certified Server Developer

  • Target Audience: For developers who want to extend the Sophora server's functions. The course focuses on developing server side scripts to access the content and the document model, as well as implementing custom clients to create interfaces and integrate external systems.
  • Synopsis: In this course you will learn how to design and implement your own components and connect them to the Sophora server. Several interfaces such as the RMI or Hessian interfaces will be explained.
  • Topics: Server API Development, Scripting, Custom Delivery, Custom Adapters, Custom Clients.
  • Duration: 2 Days.
  • Prerequisites: Certificate SOCAD as well as basic knowledge of Java, JMS, XML, and Sophora

TOCO - Toromiro Certified Operator

  • Target Audience: Targeted to users of administrating and editing Java Content Repository (JCR) or content management systems based on JCR.
  • Synopsis: By attending this course you will learn about Toromiro’s functions and you will get basic knowledge of JCR concepts. The course deals with application models, which can be occurred by working with Sophora.
  • Topics: JCR concepts, Toromiro, Toromiro in connection with Sophora
  • Duration: 1 Day.
  • Prerequisites: None


  • Course Schedule: No courses currently planned.
  • Location: Courses will be held at subshell's office in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Attendees: min. 3, max. 8 trainees
  • Pricing: 750 Euro per person per day.

Private Training

Additionally, all courses are available as private training sessions for customers who prefer to have Sophora training conducted at their facility and convenience. The facility must meet the hardware and software requirements and the room provided must comfortably accommodate a maximum of 8 attendees.