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Get a personal impression of Sophora.

Test Sophora's DeskClient

Get a personal impression of Sophora’s DeskClient! It’s a desktop application which enables fast working. Moreover it comes along with a simple to operate and intuitive user interface as well as multichannel functionality and stable architecture. Try it out and discover more characteristic features of the Sophora DeskClient.

To start, just download, unzip, log in and edit! You should be up and playing in less than 5 minutes.

1. Check your System

Please have a look at the current system requirements.

Here you will find the Sophora User Guide.

2. Download

Please download Sophora (ZIP file):


3. Extract ZIP archive

Please extract the ZIP archive.

Note: If you want to try Sophora on older Windows version (< Windows 7), please extract the ZIP archive on "C:" or use the free program 7-Zip ( to unpack the archive. Using Windows' built-in program to uncompress folders may lead to errors based on very long file names.

4. Start Sophora DeskClient

Start the program "deskclient".

5. Log in

Here's what you need to enter in the log-in form:

  • Host:
  • User name: guest
  • Password: guest

Log in Using a Proxy

If Port 80 is not available, you can also access the Sophora server via a proxy. To do so, you must click on the link “Advanced settings”. Here, you can input a proxy host and a proxy port. Optionally, you can input a user name and password.

6. Access the Live Website

The URL for the live version of the Sophora Demo Site “Trend 2020” is Please log in:

  • User name: sophora
  • Password: cmsPreview

Test Sophora's MobileClient

Sophora is an experienced traveler: Now you can use Sophora on all common mobile devices while on the road. You get an access to Sophora, which is easy to handle and fast in use. The possibility to create and publish documents outside the editorial office is also ensured.

1. Check the Technical Requirements

Learn more about browser requirements while using Sophora’s MobileClient.

Click here for the documentation.

2. Start Sophora’s MobileClient

Follow the link below for testing Sophora’s MobileClient. Sophora MobileClient (

3. Log-in

Enter the following data within the log-in dialogue:

  • User name: guest
  • Password: guest


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