Add-on MobileClient: Documentation

Learn how to create and edit documents easily with Sophora's MobileClient.

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Sophora's Add-on MobileClient enables editors a simple and uncomplicated access to Sophora while on the road. The MobileClient is optimized for tablets and can be used by phone and PC as well.

Working with the MobileClient

Log In

Before working with the MobileClient a log in is mandatory. Add your username and password to get access to the MobileClient.

Also note to log out again after using the MobileClient.
Sophora Add-on MobileClient Anmeldung

Comprehensive Operating Systems

Sophora’s DeckClient and the add-on MobileClient are operating across editors. Therefore a synchronous editing of documents within both clients is possible. Editors don’t need to edit documents for each single client separately. In order to avoid the working on documents at the same time by different editors, a notification appears when opening a document, which is already in use. The notification says that the document is locked.

Sophora Add-on MobileClient - Zugriffsrechte

With the MobileClient’s input field “Search” it is possible to search for terms, which can be composed of single words or a number of words. The search can be limited by searching only for documents of articles or for live reportings. Also the search filter "Edited by myself" can be set.

  1. First click on the "Search" button listed in the menu tab.
  2. Add one or various terms to the input field "Search for documents".
  3. The search will be run immediately.
Sophora Add-on MobileClient - Suchfunktion

Creating Documents

Documents as news or live reportings can be create easily under the planned button for creating new documents listed in the menu tab.

  1. Click on the menu tab’s button “New Document”.
  2. Choose one of the available document types: “Story”, “Trendcities” or “Live Reportings”.
  3. Name and enter the ID of the new document in the provided input field.
  4. Press “Create Document”.
  5. The document has been created. In order to publish the new document you have to fill out the mandatory fields: headline and teaser.
  6. After finishing save and publish the new created document.
Sophora Add-on MobileClient - Dokumente anlegen


Copy Text

The already existing copy text field provides different paragraph types, which can be chosen by an editor, for instance "Headline" or "Paragraph".

An Icon is listed above the input field in order to add (plus) paragraphs. Right next to the input field is an icon (recycle bin) listed for removing the paragraph again. 

Read Only Content
Certain used paragraph types of the copy text can’t be edited in the MobileClient. Those can be tables or images, which were created before by the editorial department. The MobileClient display these ones in the reading view.

Editing Articles

  1. Search and open the article which is meant to be edited.
  2. Edit text, add paragraphs or images.
  3. Afterwards save the new changes and publish the document.  
Sophora Add-on MobileClient - Absatztypen im Copytext

Live Reportings

The integrated Live Reportings of the MobileClient enables editors to write and transfer the latest news of relevant subjects as well as to edit documents. Examples for the use of live reportings can be a sports transmission, a trial or further news tickers.

Creating a Live Reporting Entry

  1. Create a new document under “New Document” for a live reporting regarding one subject.
  2. Complete headline and other for the live reporting relevant input fields in the upper section.
  3. Afterwards choose “Add” in order to write your first entry.
  4. You can change the order of live reportings with the arrows within the tab next to the live reportings' headline. By clicking on the recycle bin it is also possible to remove a ticker message again.
  5. Before closing save and publish the document.

Editing Live Reportings

  1. Search and open the live reporting which is meant to be edited.
  2. Edit text and other input fields.
  3. Afterwards save the new changes and publish the document.  
Sophora MobileClient -Neue Ticker-Meldung erstellen


Uploading Images

  1. Open the document, in which images are meant to be edited and added.
  2. Choose the tab “Images”.
  3. Use the plus sign to upload an image as well as for example a teaser image (and use the recycle bin in order to remove images again).

Editing images

  1. Click on the image, you want to edit. A new tab will be opened to edit the image.
  2. Change headline, description etc.
  3. Afterwards save and publish your changes.
CMS Sophora Add-on MobileClient Bilder einfügem


The location can be determined with the location field for reporting or other cases. The field is responsible for searching and saving of locations.

Sophora Add-on MobileClient - Location Field

Administrating the MobileClient

Coming soon.

In order to read this documentation in German please refer here to the German version of it.

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