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Comprehensive documentation for subshell's content management system Sophora. Browse the documentation or search for help topics.

These pages refer to an older release of Sophora (version 2.5). We supply documentation for all versions of Sophora. You'll find the list here. Note that support for this versions expires on 26th December 2019.

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Release Notes and General Info

Release Notes

Sophora Release Notes including Update Notes, Covered Issues, UI Changes and API Changes. more

What's new in Sophora CMS?

Check out what's new in the latest version Sophora version. more

Neu im Sophora CMS

Alles über die neueste Sophora-Version. more

Documentation for Editors

DeskClient Benutzungshandbuch

Alles über die Nutzung von Sophoras Desktop-Editor in der Redaktion. more

Sophora User Guide

Learn how to use Sophora's DeskClient to create and manage content. more

Editor Cheat Sheets

DeskClient Cheat Sheet
DeskClient Schummelzettel

Documentation for Add-ons for Editors

Chronicle Guide

Learn how to create and compile timelines easily with Sophora's add-on Chronicle. more

Date Search Guide

Find out more about the Add-on Date Search in order to search in your content by dates. more

Add-on DDJM: Documentation

By using Sophora’s geographic data table you can collect and manage extensive geographic information easily. more

EPG: Documentation

Find out more about the add-on Electronic Program Guide in order to create a program list including a built-in plausibility check. more

Feed-Manager Guide

Search, read and import content easily from internal or external sources. This add-on quickly converts content from any XML-feed into documents. more

Maps Guide

Take advantage of Maps: Learn how to handle Sophora's add-on in order to create interactive maps. more

MobileClient Guide

Sophora's MobileClient enables editors a simple and uncomplicated access to Sophora - while on the road or at the desk. more

Social Media Connector: Documentation

The Social Media Connector is an independent Java program that can publish content to social media services (such as Twitter, Facebook etc.). more

Social Media Search & Quote: Documentation

Find out more about the add-on Social Media Search in order to search for content in social media and quote these in Sophora. more

TableStar: Documentation

TableStar is a multi component addon aiming on importing, managing and delivering sport tables. more

Taxo Guide

Get information about how to use and integrate Taxo in Sophora and inform yourself about the benefits of the add-on. more

Add-on Teletext 2.0

Editorial departments can with the help of the add-on teletext 2.0 integrate teletext into the Sophora workflow and maintain familiar working methods. more

Tiles Guide

Obtain further information on how to edit details of multiple components with Sophora's add-on Tiles from here. more

UGC Guide

The user generated content addon (UGC) allows your website to implement features like comments, votings, quizzes or form submissions. more

Documentation for Administrators & Developers

Sophora Administration Guide

Learn everything about your possibilities to configure, manage and administrate the Sophora [sophora] DeskClient. more

Existing Input Field Types

You have learned how to configure your document model. Find out about how to configure its input fields here. more

Script-controlled Sophora Extensions

Scripts can be added and managed under the menu item "Scripts" within Sophora's administrator view more

Custom DeskClient Actions using Client Scripts

In addition to extending the Sophora server, scripts can also be used to extend the Sophora DeskClient. more

Developing Custom DeskClient Plugins

This tutorial describes in short how to develop custom Sophora DeskClient plug-ins. more


The Sophora server manages the entire content repository. There are three different roles a Sophora server can have: Master, Staging and Fall-back. more

Recommended configuration for productive Sophora environments

Contains the most important settings for servers and deliveries to take into account when running Sophora in productive environments. more

Sophora Content Delivery Framework

Learn more about Sophora's delivery Infrastructure & template development. more

Content API Guide

With the Content API developers can retrieve content from Sophora in JSON format via HTTP. Write and edit operations are also possible. more

Template Development

At this page you find a hands on guide for Sophora-Template development. more


Sophora's client API provides an interface for partners and customers who want to develop their own client application(s). more

Importer Guide

The Importer is an independent Java program that creates or updates documents in a Sophora repository based on Sophora XML. more

Indexer Guide

Sophora's Indexer synchronises a search engine's index with the documents of the Sophora server. more

Sophora CMS: Linkchecker Manual

The Linkchecker verifies the availability of the hyperlinks in link documents. more

Developing Custom DeskClient Plugins

This tutorial describes in short how to develop custom Sophora DeskClient plug-ins. more

Sophora Offline Document Indexer

The offline document indexer provides a separate data base for providing smart redirects when clients request documents which are no longer online. more

Documentation for Add-ons for Administrators & Developers

ACS Guide

Use Sophora’s Add-on Additional Content Server (ACS) in order to edit content from two separate operating Sophora server with just one editor. more

Admin Dashboard Guide

Instructions on how to install, run, and use the Sophora Advanced Administration Dashboard more

Data Store Guide

The add-on Data Store makes it possible to store images and other binary files more efficiently, in either a database or in the file system. more

Cluster Guide

The add-on ensures the continuation of content creation in case of planned updates or an unlikely crash of Sophora’s master server without any breaks. more

Multisite Plus Guide

With Multisite Plus the globally valid document model can be customized for web sites or parts of web sites. more

Repo Exporter Guide

The Sophora Repo Exporter makes it easy to export parts of a repository. This is useful i.e. for copying current live data to a fresh test system. more

YouTube Connector Guide

The YouTube Connector (internal name "AVTool") is an independent Java program that can upload videos to YouTube. more

Courier Guide

Sophora’s Add-On Courier manages mailing lists, subscriptions and sending newsletters. more

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