Add-on Date Search: Documentation

Find out more about the Add-on Date Search in order to search in your content by dates.

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Working with the Add-on

The Date Search view allows the user to search for content by time related properties such as broadcasting dates or display times. The user can use different search-configurations provided by an administrator.

This is a paid Sophora add-on. For details, please refer to our website.
See below Administrating the Add-on to on how to add configurations.
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A search defines what to search for. One might want to regulary search for events in particular cities every day to check them a last time before they are published.

The topmost select-field in the Date Search View is used to select a search. Some searches may give the user the option to further specify the search via dropdown menus as seen to the right.

These options include a structure selection to specify in what part of the website to search for and other properties such as locations, origins, or languages.

date search selection

Searching Content by Date

There are different ways of selecting a date:

  • Using a conventional datepicker (pictured on the right) by clicking on the small calendar button
  • Navigating through days by clicking the arrows on the right
  • Writing the date directly into the textfield
  • to select the current date, use the button to the left of the arrows

The dropdown to the left of the date can be used to change the function of the date field, such that it either marks the start/end of a period or a single day.

Dates have to be written according to the localization
(en: 2016-12-24, de: 24.12.2016).
date search calendar

Viewing Results

If the search was successful the output is a list of documents. The first column displays the property by which the documents were found, followed by the document title. Further information about the documents can be gained by hovering over each row.

The documents may have components which can be expanded by clicking the small arrow on the left.

To open documents, double click. To use somewhere else, drag and drop.

Administrating the Add-on

A search configuration is a set of properties which is used to search for content. A configuration may have properties such as the document type (article, audio, image) or the date property to search for.

Creating A New Search Configuration

To add a new configuration open the administration view, select the main configuration tab and right click on "Date Search" and select "New: Date Search". This will open a dialog to create a new configuration. The new configuration is opened on the main window like other documents. To edit a configuration later, open the "Date Search" node in the administration view and double click on the search configuration.

In order to use the search, the configuration has to be published. This has to be done for every change in the configuration. Publishing will cause the date search view to refresh.


To configure the date search, following properties can be set:

Label: The name of the configuration (this will be the name by which the user selects a search configuration) (mandatory)
Icon: Select an icon to be displayed in the view
Document Types: The types to search for, i.e images, stories (mandatory)
Structure Nodes: Where to search, if nothing is selected it is going to search the whole structure.
Structure Node Selectable: Give the user the option to select one of the structure nodes at a time.
Relevant Date Property: The date property to search for (mandatory). Use '/' to declare a property of a child node, e.g. for searching for a date property within a dynamic table: sophora-content:dynamicTableRow/ sophora-content:datePropertyName
Filter Property: More properties to be selected by the user. To work properly every document type selected above needs to have this property. The search will contain a (or multiple) dropdown(s) to further specify the search. To work properly there must be a Selectvalue attached to the property.
Start and End time of the day, i.e from 6:00 to 18:00
Visible Component Groups: Select viewable component groups to be displayed in the search result
Fixed Filter Properties: Define further properties to filter the search. For example, only show stories which include certain tags. In contrast to Filter Property, these properties are fixed, for example if the search should only find documents of a certain content type.
Additional Columns (since version 2.5.4): For each row a column will be added to the table in the given order. The column will be labeled with the configured title. The value must be a property name or an expression with a variable like "State: ${sophora-content:state}". The value of the document will be formatted to be human-readable. A date will use the configured date format of the input field, select values will use the label and from richtext the formatting will be removed. If a property is not present, a default value can be given in the expression behind a pipe, like "State: ${sophora-content:state|none}".

The screenshot to the right shows a working configuration.

times are in 24 hour format
date search admin