Add-on TableStar: Documentation

TableStar is a multi component addon aiming on importing, managing and delivering sport tables.

This is a paid Sophora add-on. For details, please refer to our website.

TableStar Components

TableStar consists of multiple independent components with different roles. Therefore each of the components has a distinct documentation space.

TableStar Configuration

TableStar comes with a set of configuration files such as nodetypes, select values etc.
To learn more about the TableStar configuration, click here.

TableStar Controller

The TableStar Controller handles the advancement of the matchdays of all match rounds.
To learn more about the TableStar Controller, click here.

TableStar Teletext

TableStar comes with its own plugin for subshell's Teletext Generator in order to publish TableStar content to the teletext.
To learn more about the TableStar Teletext, click here.

TableStar Delivery

TableStar provides a set of Java models that can be used in a custom delivery.
To learn more about the TableStar Delivery, click here.

TableStar Import

TableStar comes with an own XML schema and library for the Sophora Importer.
To learn more about the TableStar Import, click here.