General information about Sophora

Sophora is a high performant CMS which ensures ideal support for the editorial staff's work. Learn more about working with Sophora. more

Sophora User Interface

The user interface is subdivided into different fields. Here you get an insight into Sophora's entire structure. more

Creating and Editing Documents

Direction for creating, editing and protecting documents, time scheduling and for using the document editor. more


More about the combination of document elements, component structure and details. more


After creating a document users can take a look on their work by using the preview types. more


For a fast operation of frequently used documents, exists the opportunity to create common and personal bookmarks in Sophora's editor. more

Proposal Section

Learn more about how to offer, edit and delete documents as well as subscribe certain proposal sections. more


For accelerating workflows, there exist an useful list of shortcuts in Sophora deskclient. more

Search Agents

Search Agents automatically execute searches in the background and notify you of new documents found. more

Password Lost

Learn how to set a new password for your user account if you have lost it. more


With Sophora's search function users can search for various terms, ID's and abbreviations. more

Text Editor

Find out all about editing text, creating links and markups as well as adding images and much more more

Image Documents

Besides uploading image documents, image variants can be edited and configured as well. more


Learn how to gather images in a lightbox in order to add these to image collections or other documents. more


Information concerning all users or just specific groups of Sophora can be communicated through messages. Find out more about using messages. more

Site Structure

By using the site structure users can navigate the website. Find out more about structure nodes. more

Sticky Notes

Notes can be added to documents for making remarks on it. Learn more about how to create sticky notes. more

Merge of Document Content

Find out how to transfer content of a document into another one. more

Document States

Learn more about possible document states and their corresponding icons. more


The glossary is composed of a compilation of definitions and technical terms in connection with Sophora. more