Add-on Sophora Additional Content Server (ACS)

Via the use of Sophora’s add-on Additional Content Server, it is now possible to work on editorial content in one editor regardless if the content is from two different Sophora servers.

The ACS allows for both brand new architecture versions and integrated workflows for your content management. The Sophora master server is connected with an additional Sophora server, where, for example, user generated content, addresses for the personalization of your release or content for a press section can be stored.

With the same editor, editorial staff can directly access and work on content of both Sophora servers. It is also possible to allow access to both servers via the proposal section so that more teams can work together with and on the same content. It is easy to individually and precisely configure the access rights to fit your team’s needs.

During the development process and during daily operations, you can, via the ACS, directly access all content, states, configurations, users, etc. in a transparent and real-time action, without detours or delays in importing or exporting or by the use of other interfaces. The additional content can also be found in another secure zone or area.


  • Name: Additional Content Server (ACS)
  • Category: Repository
  • Type: Server Option
  • Compatibility: >= 2.5
  • Organization: subshell
  • Third-party software required: None
  • Documentation: Documentation