Sophora CMS Add-on: Advanced Administration Dashboard

subshell's Sophora add-on Advanced Administration Dashboard is a flexible, easily configurable graphic application.


  • Optimal representation and assistance in the detection of errors.
  • Comparative analysis of the data of the play out server, such as load, number of documents, missing documents, filling status of queues, etc.
  • Overview of the latest published documents and their status on the play out server.
  • Display of page rendering errors, or errors in the operation on the cache database, etc.
  • Display of the full execution of flush commands in Sophora’s delivery.
  • Comparative view for Sophora master and slave servers including document counts, lists of missing documents in case of problems, etc..
  • Notifications by e-mail or administrator notifications in problem situations, for example when certain thresholds are exceeded.
Sophora Add-on Advanced Administrator Dashboard


  • Name: Advanced Administration Dashboard
  • Category: Monitoring
  • Type: Stand-Alone Java Application with HTML Output
  • Compatibility: >= Sophora 1.53
  • Organization: subshell
  • Third-party software required: None / Webbrowser
  • Documentation