Sophora CMS: Add-on Change Registry

The Sophora Change Registry provides an easy way to synchronize content changes to external systems.

It is a common scenario to synchronize content from Sophora into an external system - e.g. a search engine. For this to work properly it is mandatory to keep the external system updated.
This is no trivial task as the external system might have an outage or the Sophora Server might not be reachable due to temporary network issues. In such a case all content changes that occurred in the meantime must be caught up. But some changes like deletions can not be queried afterwards.

The Change Registry provides a technically simple way to query all changes which has occured in a specific time range in order to build a consistent link-up with an external system.


  • Name: Change Registry
  • Category: Repository
  • Type: Server-Option
  • Compatibility: >= 2.5
  • Organization: subshell
  • Third-party software required: None
  • Documentation