Sophora CMS Add-on: High-availability Cluster

With Sophora's add on „High-availability Cluster“ nightly updates are a thing of the past. Editors can continue their work without any interruption.

The add-on „High-availability Cluster“ was developed for large scale Sophora installations. It ensures the continuation of content creation in the case of planned updates of Sophora’s master server without any breaks.

All clients connected to Sophora's Master Server will automatically connect to the appropriate cluster node.

Additionally, the add-on „High-availability Cluster“ distributes the read-access of the DeskClients and other clients among all active cluster nodes, thus enabling horizontal scaling of Sophora's production environment.


Sophora Add-on High-availability Cluster: Compact

  • Name: High-availability Cluster
  • Category: Administration
  • Type: Server
  • Compatibility: >= Sophora 1.38
  • Organization: subshell
  • Third-party software required: None
  • Documentation