Sophora CMS Add-on: Date Search

The Add-on Date Search is in charge of searching for programs, events and other contents in which dates play a major role.

By using Date Search you can browse comfortably through single calendar days in order to look at all contents of a specific day, for instance a day which is connected with a Television context for a fast and clear access to broadcasts and posts on that day.


  • Optimized view for the date-based search occurs parallel to the search.
  • Selection of days via calendar picker. Browse through days.
  • Content-related drill down to narrow down your search, for instance to series of broadcasts or events.
  • Availability of multiple searches, such as program search and event search, between the add-on Date Search can be switched over among each other.
  • Possibility to unfold components directly in the search result, e.g. for contributions in programs or for individual events of series of events.
  • Automatic update of the search result after filter changes.
  • Opening of documents (as well as their related components) by double clicking within the search result.
  • Using drag & drop of documents from the search results and insert these ones into other documents.
  • Content-related filtering on multiple levels depending on the configured selection value field.
  • Now the structure of nested and escalated filing structure (Program / Events > Day 1 > Day 2 …) is superfluous.
  • Complex and recurring searches, executed by the standard search, are superfluous as well.
  • Flexible configuration for various application scenarios (see paragraph “configuration”).


Adapt Sophora’s add-on Date Search according to your requirements (as well as your data model). The add-on comes along with a separate “View” within Sophora’s DeskClient. You can configure the following elements:

  • The label for naming the view, for instance “program search”.
  • The documents’ type: Searches for documents of the same type, e.g. “Program”.
  • The relevant date field: A date-related property out of the document type, for instance the broadcasting time.
  • The relevant selection value field for a content-related filter, a selection list including program series can be named as an example. These one is displayed in the view as a dropdown. In case a multiple selection value field is chosen, various interdependent filters are displayed in the view.
  • Start time of a day.
  • A component group from the document type, which contents are able to be hinged in the view, for instance contributions of single programs.
  • Additional columns, which are displayed (since version 2.4.15).

You can also configure various specialized searches. Editors can switch over between various searches within the view. Each configuration owns a separate system document in the administration area.

Sophora Add-on Date Search - Configuration


  • Name: Date Search.
  • Category: Search.
  • Type: DeskClient Plug-in.
  • Compatibility: >= Sophora 2.2
  • Organization: subshell.
  • Third-party software required: None.
  • Documentation