Advanced Administration Dashboard

subshell's Sophora add-on Advanced Administration Dashboard is a flexible, easily configurable graphic application. more

ACS: Additional Content Server

Via the use of Sophora’s add-on Additional Content Server, it is now possible to work on editorial content in one editor regardless if the content is from two different Sophora servers. more

Date Search

The Add-on Date Search is in charge of searching for programs, events and other contents in which dates play a major role. more

Data Store

The Sophora add-on Data Store makes it possible to store images and other binary files more efficiently in subshells content management system. more


Use Maps to create interactive stories or to illustrate content. Places of interest and travel routes are put directly on an interactive map. more


The add-on MobileClient ensures easy access for editors to Sophora. more

Social Media Connector

Use subshell's Social Media Connector to automatically update your Facebook and Twitter pages. All links to your website are generated automatically. more

Social Media Quote

The add-on for Social Media allows to comfortably search contents in Social Media Channels and quote these in the CMS Sophora. more


With the add-on Taxo, the contents in the CMS Sophora can be classified even more effectively, comfortably and in a more uniform fashion. more

Teletext 2.0

Editorial departments can with the help of the add-on teletext 2.0 integrate teletext into the Sophora workflow and maintain familiar working methods. more

Toromiro: Professional JCR Browser and Editor

Toromiro is a professional tool for the browsing, administration and editing of Apache Jackrabbit and other Java Content Repositories (JCR). more

UGC: User-Generated Content

Let user comment and rate your content. Run interactive quizzes and polls and let users send their own content via forms with Sophora’s UGC add-on. more


Chronicle, the add-on of subshells content management system Sophora, enables editors to compile timelines easily. more

DDJM: Data Driven Journalism with Maps

Data journalism made by Sophora: Data Driven Journalism with Maps is designed for geographic data and contains a mapping document including a table for geographic information. more


For convenient processing and enrichment of program data in the CMS, there is the Sophora add-on EPG (Electronic Program Guide). more

Feed Manager

With the Feed Manager add-on you can easily search, read and import content from internal or external sources in Sophora CMS. more

High-availability Cluster

With Sophora's add on „High-availability Cluster“ nightly updates are a thing of the past. Editors can continue their work without any interruption. more

Multisite Plus

Sophora’s add-on Multisite Plus goes far beyond the multi-site capability included in the standard scope of subshells content management system. more


With the add-on „Repo-Exporter“ you can create in a simple manner quality management, test and approval systems out of a productive entity of Sophora. more


The add-on Solr-Connector links the Sophora CMS with the search engine Apache Solr, providing synchronous and up-to-date content. more


TableStar takes sports results from various sources, calculates a variety of tables and delivers them centrally. more


The add-on „Tiles“ enables multimedia storytelling in Sophora with a new tiles-view to add text to components. more


As a program of Java the „YouTube-Connector“ add-on connects Sophora with all internal and external systems for videos and transmits these to YouTube. more