Sophora CMS Add-on: Maps

Use Maps to create interactive stories or to illustrate content. Places of interest and travel routes are put directly on an interactive map.

There are several ways to get there: With Sophora's Maps add-on, you can create your own maps in Sophora, populate maps automatically and provide existing documents with geographic data.

Sophora supports three different map providers: Bing Maps, OpenStreetMaps and Mapbox. You can either license the Maps add-on for the use with one or more map providers. (A license of the respective map provider is required.)

For example, use the add-on to create maps in Sophora and integrate them into an existing document. Illustrate your article’s content about the city’s most popular tourist attraction, this year’s marathon course or a recommended itinerary in combination with a map. There are several options: Mark points (e.g. buildings), lines (e.g. directions for getting somewhere) or areas (e.g. parks) on a map. All options can be combined with each other. Alternatively, you can create lines and routes by entering addresses and add descriptions to these elements.


  • Enrich your documents with geographic information.
  • Create custom maps including areas, directions, trails and places of note.
  • Manually combine content and maps via drag & drop.
  • Automatically combine content and maps.
  • Upload or link KML files from external sources to create maps.


  • Name: Maps
  • Category: Maps
  • Type: DeskClient plugin
  • Compatibility: >= 2.3
  • Organization: subshell
  • Third-party software required: License of the respective map provider
  • Documentation