Sophora CMS Add-on: Repo-Exporter

With the add-on „Repo-Exporter“ you can create in a simple manner quality management, test and approval systems out of a productive entity of Sophora.

The systems will be updated frequently with current data.

It’s a challenge to generate a consistent status of all participating websites, in case you do not want to adopt the entire repository. Generally it is not sufficient to export all documents, which have been changed during the last four weeks. The reason for this is that documents often, involved in homepage and central index pages, are not subjected to any editorial changes (for example boxes for weather and traffic) and therefore these documents are obviously more outdated.

The Repo-Exporter add-on has a powerful and flexible configuration, which can regulate the export of contents and configurations out of the administration area from the productive system.

Configured contents will be exported as Sophora-XML and are delivered directly via importer of the target system.

The add-on owns more expandable shell-scripts to regulate updates of Sophora’s server. The scripts pause the server of Sophora on the target system, retain the outdated repository, reset the new repository and launch the export out of the productive system. The export takes place in the importer of the target system.


  • Name: Repo-Exporter
  • Category: Repository
  • Type: Stand-Alone Java Application
  • Organization: subshell
  • Third-party software required: None
  • Documentation