Sophora CMS Add-on: Teletext 2.0

Editorial departments can with the help of the add-on teletext 2.0 integrate teletext into the Sophora workflow and maintain familiar working methods.

The add-on teletext 2.0 contains a teletext text-field, a teletext exporter and a matching document type as well as scripts. These are components used for integrating the teletext within a project into other workflows. Also, the components help to create the administration of the index sites and magazines the same way, the administration of homepages for the web are created. The teletext content is written within Sophora notifications and placed on teletext overview pages. On the basis of sorting notifications in the overview page, page numbers are set and updated automatically.


  • Ideal choice for comprehensive and cross media editorial processes.
  • Cross media publication of teletext content.
  • Comfortable creation of index site by drag & drop.
  • Teletext-field with automatic and manual syllable division, a spelling checker, the possibility to change colors of particular words, symbol counter and rules for line termination (length and height).
  • Integrated preview.
  • Automatic occupancy of slots or tables based on pages of the index site.
  • Integrated timing control.
  • Joint technological platform for online, mobile, teletext and more.
  • Structured administration of content for example separation of title, text and page number.
  • Copy and paste function for the delivery of content.
  • Saving documents in a media neutral xml format.
  • Possibility of summarizing teletext editing and editing of other content within one document.
  • Linking teletext content with images and videos for the play out within other channels such as HbbTV.


The add-on teletext 2.0 consists of:

ITE-Field (Editor)

With the help of a teletext input type field, editors have the opportunity to integrate teletext content into other documents, for example into an article site. To highlight certain words, you have the opportunity to change their color within a teletext input field. Color settings consider limiting control of the teletext. Some features:

  • Automatic and manual syllable division.
  • Spelling checker.
  • Setting of text color.
  • Symbol counter.
  • Structured editing of the teletext, for example by distinction of headline and text.
  • Creation and differentiation of teletext multiple sites.
  • Setting color of text background (Sophora 2.4 and higher).
  • Setting text links by drag & drop (Sophora 2.4. and higher).
  • Consideration of teletext rules for line termination (length and height).
  • Automatic adjustment of the field size by a formular field change script: : In order to comply with character limitations, Sophora customizes the field size dynamically. Character limitations appear to the editor with the help of blue lines.
  • Character replacement by means of a configuration document: The add-on includes a script with a default set, which can be amended by clients very easily (Teletext level 1: national alphabet version German).
Sophora Add-on Teletext

Overview Pages

The overview pages have the following characteristics:

  • Automatic assignment of correct page numbers on basis of page order on the overview page.

Teletext Exporter

The teletext exporter is a Java program for site management, the preview and the delivery of teletext annex. Some features:

  • Automatic allocation of correct page numbers on basis of the overview pages’ site order
  • Alien notifications
  • Notifications on subpages
  • Update of page references
  • Simple header- and footer field logic
  • SFTP upload
  • Preview of teletext sites including overview sites
  • Templates for page header and page footer: Integration of external ETP with layout information by means of the ETP document type
  • API for the creation of project specific pages

Teletext Converter

The Java library teletext converter takes charge of the generation of the preview production of teletext (EP1 or ETP). The teletext converter can be used regardless of Sophora, to generate ETP sites.

Script Compilation for Teletext

A number of scripts exist for e.g. formula field modification, validation, copying content of fields from web notifications into the teletext field and the other way around. Furthermore scripts exist for checking constant page numbers, setting up alien notification flags, symbol replacement by means of a configuration document (editable when required).

Teletext Document Types and Mixins

  • Documents type for teletext overview sites (editable when required)
  • Mixins for the integration of teletext field into other documents or for teletext documents


Single Pages – Teletext Edit

The following screenshot displays one single notification of the subshell client WDR, while working at the tab “teletext”. A particular feature: The total space available gets automatically customized cross-field, if for instance the “headline notification” gets double spaced.

The same notification (a document) is displayed by the following screenshot, but in this case the website is being edited on the “basis” tab.

Overview Pages

Overview pages used with the add on can be edited the same way as the homepage within Sophora. Therefore, editors of the site can compile short notifications and other linked documents quick and easily by drag and drop. Even necessary layout elements, such as empty rows, separators or lines can be included comfortably. As a starting point for the own implementation we deliver an example configuration.  The allocation of the slots arises automatically from the order of the site and other rules, which can be implemented as the client wishes.

In the following screenshot the editing of the page area and overview site of the area of subshell client WDR is displayed. Also, pure layout elements, such as blue lines etc. can be included and the headline/teaser of the individual notifications can be overwritten within the component details.

Another view of the WDR overview page is shown on the following screenshot.

Sophora im Einsatz beim WDR Teletext

Technical Overview

ITE is a DeskClient plug-in. The Plug-in is augmented by scripts, which care for the validation and the teletext specific rules. The teletext exporter is a Java program, which is connected to the Sophora master and uses Spring Data Sophora as well as Sophora Client API. Teletext exporter contains, with the Teletext Converter, an additional Java library for generating teletext pages. The teletext exporter considers ETP layouts from the Sophora repository and can be enhanced with own Java classes.


  • Redundancy: The teletext exporter can be installed on various servers and can run, without delivering to the teletext annex—in case of breakdowns it gets activated.
  • In combination with a Sophora cluster the teletext exporter swivels in case of a cluster swing on the new master server.


  • Name: Teletext 2.0
  • Categories: TV, trimedia, cross media
  • Type: DeskClient-plug-in, teletext exporter (Java program), teletext converter (Java-program), scripts, document types and mix-ins
  • Compatibility: >= 2.4
  • Supplier: subshell

Further, required software: teletext play out for example from FAB, Softel or others

Teletext in Use

Note: The following user cases are not part of the distribution package of the add-on.

Westdeutscher Rundfunk

Teletext in use at WDR: Westdeutscher Rundfunk uses Sophoras add-on and manages to operate teletext- and web content from one single source. With the Sophora add-on, parts of news from WDR text are delivered. There, the order of the entries arises. For example content on 112, results automatically from sorting of the page area. The page number is set completely automatic on a rule base. Visit website.

Sophora Add-on Teletext im Einsatz beim WDR