What's new in Sophora CMS?

Just in time for the holidays! subshell has developed a few surprises for you with the most recent update of Sophora release 2.5, including new configuration options that are most helpful to make your editing wishes come true.

Sophora Release 2.5 (R2/2017)

Sophora users can rejoice about the new settings for form field groups and structure nodes. Of course, we also have a terrific new add-on for you. With the Sophora Additional Content Server add-on, you can simultaneously connect two servers with one editor.


Very important readers first?
VIP status for your documents, thanks to Sophora’s Scheduling

Do you need to first publish or upload texts and documents in specific playout channels? Sophora 2.5 brings you an expanded scheduled publishing function for the release of documents, which your editors can freely configure. For example, you can initially release your content in your press section, before the content is published to general release. With Sophora’s new scheduled publishing function, you can directly set each playout channel, individually, in the document itself.

Sophora' s scheduled playout channels

Word-for-Word – with New Icons and Search Functions

We have expanded our search function for our newest Sophora release 2.5. Effective immediately, editors can search for either teletext or web news. In order to keep track of all the documents in the search results list, we have created new node type icons. Take a closer look!

…So That You Don’t Lose Your Way: Labelling Merge Dialogs

Those who like to merge documents should never lose their place. Sophora 2.5 makes certain that you always work in the correct document, in that the merge dialog is given its own name. During the process of compiling content, our new release directly delivers to the user the document title as well as the Sophora ID from the open documents.


Sophora’s Form Field Groups Have a New Look!

You are already familiar with this function – your document’s metadata were previously shown in the form field group. It looked something like this:

With Sophora 2.5, we decided to give the form field groups a new look. Depending upon the information you need, you can open and close the fields and configure them individually. With the newly cleaned-up and organized version, the groups are more easily managed, and you have a clearer overview.

Sophora CMS: Formularfeldgruppen - mit Cards
Sophora CMS: Formularfeldgruppen - ohne Cards

More Room for Text in Dynamic Tables

Sophora 2.5 creates room for content – even in text tables. Effective immediately, your dynamic tables have variable room for text. An additional parameter takes care of the amount of visible lines of text that are configurable in the table row. Let your content can flow freely.

Passwords Are Safe with Sophora

We developed the new input field type “Password” in order to safely and more effectively manage passwords for websites users or automatic tools in the DeskClient. With this new input field type, it is possible to store passwords which are encrypted with Sophora Board resources - as a bcrypt=hash or as plain text. Of course, the password is not revealed in the DeskClient.

Travel Back in Time with Sophora 2.5

Do you want to take a look back at the past? With Sophora 2.5, administrators can reverse synchronise the server to a specific target date. With this feature, it is simple to reconstruct the server condition from any past point, as if nothing had happened.

Assign Roles, Multiple Times

With Sophora 2.5, you can enjoy a multiple selection feature for the assignment of user roles. With the new input field, simply select one or more server defined roles. An easy-to-use scroll mechanism replaces the existing multi-checkbox selection and simplifies the search for user roles.

When the Structure Node Goes Searching…

Two that fit perfectly together! As of immediately, the Sophora search and the structure node picker follow the same rules. Both parent and childnodes behave the same upon selection. Administrators who prefer flexible configuration options can, of course, continue to freely configure the structure node picker.

Configuration of Sophora's structure node picker


We do Everything to Support Your Workflow

In an ongoing effort to make the world a little nicer, we have also optimized the DeskClient scripts for Sophora 2.5. From now on, you can do the following from the DeskClient itself:

  • Open document editors from DeskClient scripts. For example, use the DeskClient script to search for specific documents, which will then open automatically.
  • Use the structure node picker. The DeskClient script dialog now also offers the option of displaying a structure node picker.
  • Documents can be displayed completely in dialogs. In addition to the Sophora ID, the document title is now also displayed in document dialog box. The clear advantage for editors is that you can see at a glance which document is referenced to a particular Sophora ID.


Sophoras 2-in-1 Solution: An Additional Content Server

With the use of Sophora’s Additional Content Server (ACS), editors can edit and work on content from two different Sophora serves, with simply one editor. For example, you can separate user-generated content or address data from editorial content. Transparent and in real-time, Sophora users can access content, status, configurations or users of the Sophora server who are connected via ACS, all without detours and distraction. This is content management at the highest level. Give it a try!


Sophora To Go: New Skillsets for the MobileClient

The add-on Sophora MobileClient is equipped with the basic functions of Sophora. It is also an ideal introduction for those new to Sophora who work outside of the editorial office. For Sophora 2.5, we have given the MobileClient additional features. And they include:

  • Component Tabs. Components can now be attached to documents and can be flexibly edited.
  • Bulk Upload. Editors can save precious time by uploading multiple images simultaneously.
  • Image Variant Centers: Image variants are generated automatically. The image center can be modified according to your own wishes.
  • Easy Linking. Text links can be set immediately.
  • Social Media Quotes. Importing social media content has never been easier. Simply copy and paste the link into the paragraph of the copy text. Finished!
  • Validation Scripts. Whether when assigning page numbers, message references or when setting text links, errors are not first displayed only upon saving, but immediately when the action is undertaken.


Sophora Add-on MobileClient

Release: 2.5 12/2017 | For more details (Update Notes and Covered Issues), please refer to the section Release Notes in the Sophora Documentation.

Sophora Release 2.4 (R1/2017)

Close to Content - Sophora’s Dynamic Tables

From now on, copy text and data tables move closer together. With Sophora 2.4, you can create dynamic tables directly in your text. Designing tables is easier than ever before, because data types like currencies or units of lengths can be determined within dynamic tables. This is what reduction in work hours looks like!

Sophora’s Dynamic Tables

Sophora 2.4 Keeping an Eye on Content

Who knows it better than you - text lengths need to be perfect. Sophora 2.4 provides detailed copy text statistics for text blocks and text selections in order for editors’ work to always have the correct fit. Thus, editors are continually informed of the number of characters, words, paragraphs and images in a story or feature.

Sophora CMS - Copy Text Statistics

With Sophora 2.4 You Can Do Everything Right

The quality of your text is important to us. Therefore, we have created normal Sophora documents out of the dictionaries for the spell-checker. These dictionary documents can be easily administrated, and exported as well as imported from editors working across different editorial departments, in order to maintain a consistently high quality in all your written work. Should your dictionary only be maintained by a few people? Then assign the right to edit and the right to read permission separately from each other. You can count on Sophora 2.4!

With Sophora 2.4 You Always Know What Is On

Test or live system – with Sophora 2.4, editors immediately see in which operating mode they are working in. A new display field in your DeskClient shows you in which Sophora-environment you are inserting your content. Whether in the test-, live- or pre-live environment, the name of the respective Sophora environment can easily be configured in the administration area.

Sophora CMS - Display the right Sophora-Environment

Sophora 2.4 Ensures Workflow

We have enhanced Sophora’s proposal view for editors who need to prepare documents for other teams. New in Sophora is the select value called “end of the next day” as the due date. In using this option, documents can be created as proposed stories. During the next day, colleagues can then easily continue working on these documents. subshell give its regards to all teams who appreciate editorial routines!

Sophora’s Proposal View - New Select Value End of the next day

Administration & Development

  • Easier Analysis. With release 2.4, Sophora also hands over user names to server events. This facilitates central evaluations and helps in undertaking error analysis.
  • More power for Sophora’s Importer. For pre-processing imported contents, we have strengthened Sophora’s Importer. The result: Sophora 2.4 also hands over parameters from feeds and watch folders apart from XSLT to Java and Groovy. But there is more to it than that! From now on, the Importer can save the state of a document and restore it after importing it. In the case that a document has not yet existed before the import, a configurable fallback takes effect.
  • More flexible template development. Last but not least, we have multiplied the possibilities of inheritance. With Sophora 2.4, developers can reuse several template sets by inheritance.

Release: 2.4 5/2017 | For more details (Update Notes and Covered Issues), please refer to the section Release Notes in the Sophora Documentation.

Sophora Release 2.3 (R2/2016)

Sophora DeskClient: Design Refresh!

After 10 years, we finally overhauled Sophora’s DeskClient. The DeskClient now features an updated look & feel and is easier to use. We took inspiration from Google’s Material Design Styleguide (https://www.google.com/design/spec/material-design/).

Sophora CMS Editor

Give it a try and see for yourself!

Bookmarks and Personal Data Synced Across Desks and Devices

Sophora now automatically syncs all bookmarks, lightboxes, saved searches, history, and personal settings across all desks, devices and platforms. All personal information is centrally stored in the Sophora master server.

Release: 2.3 11/2016 | For more details (Update Notes and Covered Issues), please refer to the section Release Notes in the Sophora Documentation.