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The web presence of Radio Bremen is published since early 2009 with the content management system Sophora to work even more efficiently.

Radio Bremen can edit news items more rapidly and publish on different channels. The CMS allows the scheduling of publications with up-to-the-minute precision as well as an automatic delivery of news feeds. 

Since Sophora also utilizes output channels such as newsletters, SMS, RSS, WAP and podcasts, we can support Radio Bremen optimally in its areas of strength: daily and regional news coverage. 

Die Website wird mit Sophora publiziert

Radio Bremen Vier Combines Radio and Internet

Radio Bremen re-launched the website for their radio broadcaster Bremen Vier under their own direction supported by subshell's CMS Sophora.

As the most listened program in Bremen and Bremerhaven Bremen Vier belongs to Radio Bremen. The program focusses on pop music and rock music for young listeners with an age between 16 and 45.

Website Radio Bremen Vier - publiziert mit dem CMS Sophora von subshell

Buten un Binnen

The regional online information portal of Radio Bremen is available at The brand “buten un binnen” is the beloved news show for regional events on both Radio Bremen’s TV chanel and website. Radio Bremen relies on Sophora’s add-on “Electronic Program Guide” for its multimedia presentation of television and radio schedules.


  • Name: Radio Bremen Websites
  • Client(s): Radio Bremen (RB)
  • URL: 
  • Years: Since February 2009
  • Summary: Radio Bremen presents four radio stations, two of them in cooperation with partners, and an extensive accompanying online presence.
  • Categories: TV, Broadcast, Radio
  • Integration: subshell (CMS)

About Radio Bremen

"Radio Bremen (RB), Germany's smallest public radio and television broadcaster, is the legally mandated broadcaster for the city-state Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (which includes Bremerhaven). With its headquarters sited in Bremen, Radio Bremen is a member of the consortium of German public broadcasting organizations, ARD." || Source: Wikipedia | Authors: List of Authors | License: CC BY-SA 3.0.