Sophora CMS Add-on: Social Media Quote

The add-on for Social Media allows to comfortably search contents in Social Media Channels and quote these in the CMS Sophora.

With Sophora's add-on, you can use copy and paste functionality to transfer social media entries from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and ScribbleLive into the copy text. Sophora writes the social media content into the copytext paragraph and populates the attributes of the paragraph with metadata of the tweet, post or video. The Social Media Search enables editors to search in Twitter and transfer located contents via drag & drop into the text.

Sophora Add-on Social Media Search and Quote


  • The content (such as a tweet) is stored in the copy text and additional contents, like author, will be saved in the fields of the paragraph.
  • Behind the scenes the API of the particular social medium is approached for searching and collecting contents as well as storing them in Sophora.
  • Contents will not be embedded with HTML-Code, but are situated in Sophora’s structured storage and therefore they are available in the delivery in all channels for multifaceted uses and layouts. As desired, websites and other applications can also display the HTML code of the respective network.


  • Name: Social Media Quote
  • Category: Social Media
  • Type: DeskClient Plug-in, Scripts, Server
  • Compatibility: Sophora 2.2 or higher (incl. YouTube: Sophora 2.5 or higher)
  • Organization: subshell
  • Third-party software required: The search functionality requires a Twitter account.*
  • Documentation
*Note: Twitter and Facebook have Rate Limits to limit the number of API calls. If these are too low for your use case, individual agreements will be necessary. More information at (Twitter) and (Facebook).


IDNetworkFunction SearchFunction Quote
TWTwitterGlobalIncluded (via drag & drop or via pasting the url)
FAFacebook-Included (pasting the url)
INInstagram-Included (pasting the url)
YTYoutube-Included (pasting the url)
SLScribbleLive-Included (pasting the url)